Fabulous feedback from our readers:

“Love your blog!  Amy Dacyzyn’s books were my first start in this frugality mindset 20 years ago.” –Stephanie Nelson, Couponmom.com

Thank you for sharing this very powerful quote, from this blog post, “Let’s teach our children that success is defined by the ability to put people before things, and to refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Less IS more. Health IS wealth.” It gives one a lot to think about! – Organized Living Essentials, April 2012

“Living frugally can give you freedom and independence. Two Frugal Fairfielders is a great blog on the subject and in this blog post the author talks about the lessons she learned from the Frugal Zealot, many of which should be taken to heart.” — The Wall Street Survivor

“You two ladies are the best examples of frugal living I know and always give the best advice!” — from a subscriber, July 29, 2012

“Thank you, TFF, you inspire your readers to follow your lead. Carry on making a difference in the lives of many.” –from a subscriber, September 3, 2012

In April 2016, Wise Bread, a resource for frugal living, linked one of Aimee’s blogposts to a page of theirs. What a testimonial! Scroll down to “Other Essential Reading” here.

Fabulous Feedback from Marilyn’s Couponing Workshops:

“Thank you for presenting a great program yesterday. Take Control of Your Budget with Couponing really did attract the most attendees of our four Money Smart programs this year!  You can feel good about this because I’m sure folks attended knowing your reputation or knowing someone who knows about your blog and other frugal endeavors! By the way, the tall, blonde woman sitting at the front on Sunday stopped to tell me how valuable she found your presentation!  She shared some of the tips with a cousin, too.”–Ingrid Davis, former librarian, Stratford Public Library

“Thanks again, Marilyn, for all you are doing to make a difference for our patrons.” –Anne Farkas, librarian, Fairfield Public Library

“Another happy customer from Marilyn’s program on Sunday – she said ‘she really makes you think’ and I think the patron said she saved 45%!” –Susan Lohr, librarian, Stratford Public Library