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Welcome to the frugal side of affluent Fairfield, Connecticut!

A testimonial to the power of TFF:

Dear Marilyn and Aimee,

“I just came across your blog while looking for discounted newspaper delivery in ffld county. It’s fantastic!  As you can imagine, I have had a bit of a culture shock to now live in a place, as you have well described it, where ‘success is defined by having the most square footage… and stuff’. I just wanted to reach out and let you know I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to future posts.”
~Cheers, A loyal reader
It doesn’t take much money to have fun, even in Fairfield, just take a look at us having fun in the sun (and having a TFF meeting)! No, we are not on an island, we are on the Long Island Sound–good friends, good food, good laughs for little to no money. Photo: Steve Syarto

It’s one of the many valuable comments we’ve received in the recent years. Let’s face it–-Fairfield County, CT is an expensive place to live whether you are on a fixed income, single income, or even two-or-more incomes. Most of us feel the pinch of the high and ever-rising cost of living, namely the prices of food, gas, and oil.

When this blog was established in 2008, all the rage was about the cost of a gallon of milk reaching $4.09 at the former Shaw’s on Black Rock Turnpike. Today the price of just about everything is rising or fluctuates wildly at times–from milk to meat to gas and heating oil–and let’s not forget about electricity rates! Shocking!

radio show
Marilyn of TFF

We started this blog in 2008 to provide an online community place to share local affordable ways to live in Fairfield, CT. After all, not all of us can or want to move to sunnier, cheaper climates. (We know how frustrating it is to watch HGTV just to see a beautiful 3,000-square-foot Colonial newly constructed home go for a mere $200,000 elsewhere!)

Aimee of TFF
Aimee of TFF

Since 2008, we’ve written posts that reflect how our families negotiate living in this affluent state we love and call Connecticut. Though we don’t always follow a schedule, we are still committed to giving our readers a wealth of tips, ideas, experiences and invaluable resources we’ve come across that help us live an abundantly frugal life here on the Gold Coast.

Since TFF has grown over the years, we’ve been asked to do many workshops to teach people how to shop smarter, coupon and otherwise live a frugal life. We started and since closed a couple of coupon corners in libraries, have been featured in local papers and television and radio shows, and have given numerous workshops, as mentioned (though our schedules prohibit doing too many talks right now).

homemade salsa ingredients
We cook from scratch 95% of the time.

We live in modest ranch homes in lovely neighborhoods, we cook from scratch much of the time. When our kids were younger, we had our fair share of playdates involving children who came over, told us how small our homes were, and then told our kids they had more toys. We both have friends and family who live in luxury homes with beautiful gourmet kitchens, and we know families with flat screen televisions in every room of the house.

Living in Fairfield, CT, in Fairfield County, one of the most expensive and affluent counties in the United States, means our families are surrounded by those who may believe that success is defined by having the most square footage, the most luxurious cars, and the latest “stuff.”

On this blog, we share and discuss important ideas about how to live graciously, and frugally through anecdotes and ideas about our families’ quests for frugal living in Fairfield and beyond.

April 2013 Stratford Public Library coupon workshop
Marilyn giving a coupon workshop April 2013 at the Stratford Public Library.

Thanks so much for reading Two Frugal Fairfielders! Enjoy!

By the way, you can reach us privately at: twofrugalfairfielders@gmail.com

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~Marilyn & Aimee, TFF

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Contact info: You can always reach Marilyn and Aimee at TFF’s private email: twofrugalfairfielders@gmail.com. They will always respond!

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Two Frugal Fairfielders’ Full Disclaimer

This is a personal blog with individual views of the author with the common theme of living frugally. By definition a blog is a personal journal, which you will find here; it is not to be considered counsel. The opinions expressed here by the author does not necessarily represent a reader’s opinions. Please keep all comments respectful and helpful to authors and other readers. But please join the conversation and give other readers your best tips, thoughts and resources! 

We do not have any commercial interest in writing this blog, nor are we paid to write and produce this blog. Because we are utilizing the free blog service by WordPress.com, you will see random advertising. (After all, someone has to pay to provide this free service!) We do not represent any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual. Be advised that you may see us update posts. Again, this is a personal journal on individual and collective quests for frugal living, not a formal periodical.

Two Frugal Fairfielders’ blog does not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual, or anyone or anything. The authors do not take responsibility for what is at the end of a world wide web link. If readers of this blog use the advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations on this blog as counsel and are injured, the authors are not to be held responsible.

Note from TFF: We have noticed that a couple of posts have been hijacked and used on other blogs without any credit or link back to the original post.

Please read:

Copyright notice: The material on this blog is protected original content. We are the authors and copyright holders of all original material on this blog. You may use information on this blog only if you link it back to the original post on Two Frugal Fairfielders and/or give us full credit.

With gratitude,

Marilyn and Aimee,

TFF Authors


8 thoughts on “About TFF

  1. Having grown up just outside of Washington DC, where everything is defined by positions of power and income, I hear you!
    My husband and I have worked very hard to give our kids a sense of character and not to value people by material goods. We have made many sacrifices to keep one parent at home most of the time, and live with less “stuff”. It is hard but certainly doable, and makes for much nicer, kinder, more insightful children! You are not alone and your blog is much appreciated!

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciative and supportive words. I feel reassured in my hope to raise nicer, kinder and more insightful children this way. Your reaching out makes a difference! ~Aimee, TFF

  2. How nice to have found this blog! I live in Massachusetts and it’s always heartening to find fellow New Englanders who are frugal and green. FWIW, I have only met one person who had flash kitchen (with the Viking stove, no less) who actually made very good use out of it. Le sigh.

    1. Hi Pamela, Looking at a few of your blog posts, it seems like we have a lot in common! I like how you say, “Amy Dacyczyn shows the difference between being frugal and being a rude mooch.” Well put! The book, The Backyard Homestead is an inspiration to me. This is our 3rd year having a home garden and I’d love to someday grow enough to sustain our family. Every bit helps though, as you know, and you get a lot out of the process of gardening, more than just the veggies. Cheers to being frugally sustainable! ~Aimee, TFF

      On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 9:15 AM, Two Frugal Fairfielders WordPress wrote:

      > Thanks, Pamela! We’re glad you found this blog, too! > I can’t wait to to dip into your blog, too! > ~Marilyn, TFF >

    1. You’re wonderful! Thanks for your encouragement! (PS: Aimee is an amazing cook, so I look forward to doing more experimenting with her, too.)

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