Private Trash Removal is Expensive: Here’s How Frugal Homeowners Reduce the Cost

Have you ever done the math to figure out how much you are paying to have your trash picked up at your curb? Have you ever looked into taking your trash to the town dump yourself? You will be shocked at how much serious money you will save by going to the town dump. Keep reading…

green household trash bins, United States
You'll want to jump in your trash bins and hide once you calculate how much money you pay to have your trash removed by a private sanitation removal service. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The costs of private sanitation pick up: It costs money to have your trash picked up curbside in Fairfield, CT. That service is not included in our high taxes. Every household that hires a private sanitation company to pick up trash every week pays between $40.00 to $42.00 a month for this convenience. That averages out to be about $500.00 a year.

The costs of driving your trash to the town dump: It used to cost $2.00 to enter the Fairfield Solid Waste and Recycling Center, aka the town dump, but today, it is a $5.00 fee. My husband makes the trip to the dump twice a month for $10. TFF’er Aimee visits the dump once a month for $5.00.  We pay $120 a year for trash, and Aimee’s family pays $60 a year for the dump. Let’s look at  this a bit closer….

Comparing costs: You may not think this is such a huge savings…$500 a year for convenience versus $120 a year for diy trash removal. We’ve lived in our house for over 18 years. We’ve never had private sanitation pick up. So, in 18 years, we have spent $2,160.00 (based on $5 a dump run) on trash removal. If we had paid for private pick up, it would have cost $8,748.00. By doing diy trash removal, we saved $6,588.00 over 18 years (and we probably saved more because admission to the dump was not always $5.00). Remember, this is one expense over 18 years. And of course homeowners know there are many, many other expenses that add up. If you are wondering about gas costs, etc., the dump is only a few miles away and my husband typically combines that trip with other errands that need to be done on a Saturday morning.

My husband also reports that the dump is very busy recently–much more so than in the 18 years he’s been going there.  “It’s not all old guys in dirty pick-up trucks, it’s the Land Rovers and Lexus SUVs now coming into the dump, too,” he says. It seems town residents are catching on.

Bringing your trash to the dump yourself versus private pick-up is really a no-brainer if you want to live frugally in an affluent town that does not provide the service through taxes.

Keep watching: We will soon add posts about how single stream recycling (confusing to many, but we will clarify how it works) has reduced our garbage output and thus, reduced the amount of trips to the town dump. More found money.

~Marilyn, TFF