My First ( Sorta Disappointing) Trip to Milford, CT’s Aldi Store

Shoppers love Aldi, the popular budget grocery store chain that’s related to Trader Joe’s, made its mark overseas and seems to be gaining market share in the U.S. So I couldn’t wait to finally make the trip to Milford, CT to see the three-year-old store. I wasn’t wowed, but that won’t stop me from trying a second time.  Continue reading “My First ( Sorta Disappointing) Trip to Milford, CT’s Aldi Store”


Trader Joe’s Accepts Coupons?

trader joes
News to us! Trader Joe's accepts coupons. Trader Joe's in West Hartford, CT. Photo: Ragesoss/Wikipedia Commons Public Domain

So, ya learn something new every day.

I thought Trader Joe’s did not accept manufacturer’s coupons. It turns out…they do….?

After someone from my coupon class came up to me after the session and recommended the website, Living Rich With Coupons, I dipped into it, and lo-and-behold, match-ups for Trader Joe’s! So, the list isn’t long, because of TJ’s own products. And, it turns out there are many other sites that match up TJ with coupons, too, such as,, and probably more local blogs, as well.