The Daily Tightwad Tutor– Lesson #6: No Moldy Berries


 The Daily Tightwad Tutor– Lesson #6: No Moldy Berries




English: Alaska wild berries from the Innoko N...
Vinegar keeps berries mold-free. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Wash berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.) in a large bowl with one part white vinegar to ten parts water. Gently mix berries in this vinegar/water wash and immediately drain and dab with paper towel to dry. The vinegar kills any spores so berries will last one to two weeks in the fridge.


~Marilyn, TFF





The Daily Tightwad Tutor–Lesson 4: Always Check Grocery Discount Bins

The Daily Tightwad Tutor–Lesson 4: Always Check Grocery Discount Bins

shampoo for a few cents
Don’t walk by your grocery store’s discount bins. You never know what bargains are waiting…I was able to buy three of these, with coupons, for .80 cents each. Perfectly fine shampoo that my daughter loves to use.

It’s typically hit or miss, but never pass by a discount bin in your grocery store–especially the health and beauty bin. You never know what you’ll find! Typically, it’ll be discontinued items. And, you can use coupons with the item. For example, just by chance last week I spotted three bottles of L’Oreal shampoo in a discount bin at ShopRite. They were going for $1.30 each (retail is about $3.99-$4.99 but varies with coupons). I happened to have .25 cent coupons, doubled to .50 cents. So, I got three bottles of L’Oreal shampoo for a total of $2.40 (my daughter loves this brand so it was worth it).

~Marilyn, TFF

The Daily Tightwad Tutor–Lesson #3: Never Throw Out a Leftover

The Daily Tightwad Tutor–Lesson #3: Never Throw Out a Leftover

leftovers make trail mix
Bits and pieces of this and that make a great trail mix. Here’s a pile of leftover peanuts, cashews, M&Ms and almonds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make your food dollars stretch by using leftovers for soups, casseroles, trail mixes, sauces, dressings, etc.

  • How to make soup with leftovers–read here.
  • Another nifty idea: mix leftover candy into ice cream! For larger chocolate bar-type candies, melt it a bit, then mix or drizzle over the top. Great way to get rid of holiday candy, thank goodness. ~ Marilyn, TFF