Attending My First High School PTA Parent College Panel: Aimee’s View

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College prepping–the horror of it all! Photo: TFF

Overall, I am glad that I went. I have three children. I stayed home for 8 years to raise them on one teachers’ salary. My oldest is a high school freshman.  Continue reading “Attending My First High School PTA Parent College Panel: Aimee’s View”


The “Gotta-Get-My-Kid-Into-a-Dream-College” Trend: Our Journeys Continue

We all know the student loan bubble is going to pop soon and we don’t want our kids to have any part in it. Photo:

Disclosure: Our PTA is hosting a college parent panel tonight to share insights and information about the college admissions process. I will be there to hear what they have to say…


Both Aimee and I have high school kids (Aimee one and myself, two) and as one of her neighbors puts it, we are going to “buck the trend.”  Continue reading “The “Gotta-Get-My-Kid-Into-a-Dream-College” Trend: Our Journeys Continue”

Why I Want My Kids to Go to a Two-Year College

Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut; one possibility.
Housatonic Community College in Connecticut

The college issue is slowly creeping up on my husband and I; we’ll have two college-aged kids at the same time in six to seven years. In the meantime, like everyone else, we’ve personally heard many nightmares:  Continue reading “Why I Want My Kids to Go to a Two-Year College”