Couponing at Whole Foods Market in Fairfield

couponing gone bad
What happened today at Whole Foods? Nothing went right--a Bad Couponing Day. Here's the first page of my list from it didn't work very well :--( .

A special message to the openly irritated woman in back of me at the Fairfield Whole Foods Market checkout lane because I was using a few coupons….I’m glad you decided to pick another check out lane, honey! (Taken from one of my new favorite couponing books, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey!) 

Now, I’m the irritated one. I carefully chose a list of groceries to buy from Whole Foods using coupons and sales good through today, January 31st. I used Couponmom’s new Whole Foods sales and deals chart to create my list. So what should have cost me about $18.00, according to Couponmom’s list, really cost me $27.00. As I emailed to my co-frugal Fairfielder–today, I really hated couponing! Products on Couponmom’s list did not scan at the register as they should have, but the store won’t go by that list, they go by what sales tags they see or don’t see on the shelves. In my case, there were no tags for Garden of Eatin’ chips for $1.99 a package, there seemed to be no $1.99 Blue Diamond Almond Milk, they were out of Sambazon smoothies so I couldn’t use my printable coupon, there were no Method dishwashing soap bottles around, and there were no sales tags on Stonyfield Organic Yogurt 6 oz cups. What a mess! I was too annoyed to get rain checks, I was not up for an argument with the front customer service desk, and I just wanted to leave the store because I’m not sure what the heck happened. A Bad Couponing Day. And this, after Aimee and I praised Whole Foods and their coupon system to the coupon class at the library yesterday!

So, what am I going to do? I love Couponmom–I use the site often, and I like Whole Foods– but I’m not happy about today. (Oh, and thank you, dear Whole Foods’ check-out associate, for being so patient with me.) I’ll have to be extra careful when I go get those organic “deals” at an otherwise expensive store.

Enough grousing and grumbling, I’m going to break open an expensive bag of Garden of Eatin chips and munch away…

~Marilyn from TFF

Can You Use More Than One Coupon at a Time?

A reader asked this question via email: can she use more than one coupon at a time on a single item?

1. The short answer is yes, but there are restrictions. Here is a full article detailing this coupon “stacking” process.

2. The long answer (found in the article above, but if you prefer a quick answer, read on…) is that you CAN use a manufacturer’s coupon + a store coupon for maximum savings. You CANNOT use two manufacturer’s coupons together because that is considered coupon fraud.  You CANNOT use two store coupons together, either. So, you really have to read the top of the coupons to know if they are manufacturer or store coupons. Most, if not all, Internet and circular coupons from newspapers are manufacturer’s coupons.

Whether or not you can use competitor’s store coupons is yet another story–every store has a corporate policy on this, and every store has it’s own unofficial policy on this–be sure to ask at customer service, or even when you are in line checking out. This is actually on TwoFrugalFairfielder’s agenda to do…and will report back…