Wealthy Wednesdays: When We Fall for Our Own Faulty Thinking

“If something costs $1,000, but it’s on sale for $750 and then you decide to buy it, you did not just save $250. You spent $750.” Faisal Khan, banking consultant, a quote I pilfered from a question he answered on Quora.

IMG_4772It was synchronicity that I found this quote on Quora (I love Quora). Seconds before I was writing a chapter in a new book on how to ditch coupons and still save money grocery shopping and I was trying to explain the perception of the “you saved this much money” line often used on store receipts. I have said time and time again…it is never about how much money you think you’re saving, it’s really about how much you’re actually spending.  Continue reading “Wealthy Wednesdays: When We Fall for Our Own Faulty Thinking”