Why I Still (Sometimes) Love PriceRite

I’ve had sort of a love/hate relationship with PriceRite. Loved it when it opened, hate it now that prices are going up. But there are still a few things I go there to get that I can’t get a better deal on elsewhere. Or, should I say, the same products cost more at its sister store ShopRite… Continue reading “Why I Still (Sometimes) Love PriceRite”

Couponers Find Stop & Shop and ShopRite Less Expensive Than PriceRite

The gap between food prices at PriceRite and ShopRite/Stop & Shop is quickly narrowing.

The other day during my coupon group exchange, I sat in and listened to one person say that she wanted to go to PriceRite instead of a store that accepts coupons. (PriceRite is the sister store to ShopRite—and PriceRite is a no-frills store that doesn’t accept coupons. Read more about how to shop at PriceRite here.) I agree, sometimes couponing is a hassle and it’s nice to just walk into a store that does not accept coupons and not feel the coupon-stress.

ShopRite (United States)
ShopRite's sales often beat the price of its budget store, PriceRite. (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve written numerous posts about PriceRite and how much I love the store. There are certain items I will buy there (Italian breads, non-organic fruits, seltzer, some ice creams). But its prices are slowly going up, too. It’s not as inexpensive to shop there as it once was, and, if you are couponing, you will soon sadly realize PriceRite may not be the bargain basement of grocery stores anymore.

Here are a couple of quick comparisons this week (3-25th):


-Pepperidge Farm Goldfish: $1.99

-Selter .39 cents each lowest

-Sugar free chocolate popsicles .99 cents a pkg


Stop & Shop: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish on sale BOGO (no -coupon) $2.39 for 2 ($1.20 each)

-ShopRite: seltzer 3 for $1 (no coupon)

-ShopRite: Same sugar free chocolate popsicles .99 cents a pkg (no coupon)

The other week I noted many, many more deals at both Stop and Shop and ShopRite that cost less money than the fixed prices at PriceRite. As long as you study the circulars and use coupons on top of sales, you will usually come out spending less money at the mainstream stores than you will at PriceRite.

Marilyn, TFF

The First Three Weeks on Cash-Only Budget

Time for a cash budget. (Photo credit: 401K)

It’s been a long time coming to use cash for food, gas, clothing, and entertainment. I’ve been religiously watching Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s show, “Till Debt Do Us Part,” and eyeing those money jars. It just makes sense. But, I never did anything about it.

But one day, I realized my grocery budget was creeping upward, even with couponing. What the heck was I doing wrong? Using a debit card and not using a solid budget–that’s what I was doing wrong.

I drew up a serious budget (much harder than it sounds, it takes t-i-m-e, but it’s essential). In my budget–$75 cash for groceries, $25 a week cash for gas in my car (my husband uses more, but I work from home), $20 miscellaneous or “blow money,” per Dave Ramsey. That’s only the cash part of the budget.

I didn’t use jars, but I did use basic envelopes, which proved too cumbersome as I went through my week.  I ended up labeling two pockets of my wallet. One pocket says “Gas” and the other says “Groceries” and that’s where I keep the money.

Some highlights:

1. Week One: I was filmed for Channel 12 News (not aired as of yet) on a shopping trip at Stop & Shop in Fairfield–it was an extra shopping trip that week and I shelled out an extra $54.00. To balance the budget, I decided to reduce my grocery budget for two weeks.

2. Week Two: Did relatively well, was able to buy about four pounds of expensive organic ground beef because I used some Catalina coupons from ShopRite thanks to some great deals I put together. By week’s end, I spent an extra $10 at Whole Foods when I found a couple of extra deals. It’s only $10, you say, but you know how the psychology on this works … “it’s ONLY $10….” turns into “it’s ONLY $20 and so on…” But, it’s like a diet, you make peace with yourself and get back on the program.

3. Week Three: So, it’s now Saturday, one day into my third week of cash only, and I have spent my reduced cash budget. But, we have plenty of food and will only need some fruit and veggies–but it’s extra money.

But so far, it’s great, I love it, and I see where my money goes and it gives me great hope. I spent $200 so far in three weeks–not too terrible in an affluent town like Fairfield.

Stay tuned.

~Marilyn from TFF