Where to Find Coupons for Organic Produce and Groceries

coupons for organic produce available at Whole Foods Market
Coupons aren’t only for junk food–but it can be a bit tricky to find coupons for healthy, organic food. There are resources, though, including Whole Foods Market, which produces its own coupons booklets. Photo: Whole Foods Market

TFF frequently gets this question: “Where do I find coupons for healthy, organic food?”  Here are some favorite resources that we’ve found along the way.  Continue reading “Where to Find Coupons for Organic Produce and Groceries”

hand-me-down t-shirt

Saving Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Back-To-School Clothes: The Joy of Receiving Hand-Me-Downs

It’s estimated that parents will spend $250 per child on back-to-school clothing this year, according to a new study released by The National Retail Foundation. So…if you have two kids, you’ll drop around $500 this summer for clothing and so on. It adds up. Unless you have another traditional source of clothing… hand-me-downs.  Continue reading “Saving Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Back-To-School Clothes: The Joy of Receiving Hand-Me-Downs”

How to Get Rid of Weeds Without Weed Killer: Boil Them Away

Intolerable weeds! I’m planning my attack with boiling water….you can see a few boiled weeds on the lower part of this photo from a water attack earlier this week.

I’ve had ENOUGH of these weeds growing through the cracks of my front walk. No matter how much we weed, they double in size and it looks terrible. Since we refuse to use weed killer spray, we just kept pulling weeds. But this year they just blossomed out of control. Off to the Internet I went in search of something, anything that could get rid of these sidewalk weeds. I found some solutions with baking soda, vinegar, and other ideas. But, the best, cheapest solution I found was to pour boiling water over the cracks and over the weeds to scald the roots. Since this couldn’t hurt to try, I did, and it worked (so far). Never in a million years did I think of using boiling water to get rid of weeds, but then again, I’m not a gardener.

This is another section of our walk that we boiled two weeks ago. It’s 99% weed-free right now. I’m keeping my eye on it and will update this post if it’s truly successful.
Here’s what a scalded weed looks like. I read that you should “behead” the weed first for optimal results, but I didn’t here. I carefully poured boiling water on this weed — you are NOT supposed to use this method in a garden bed. But this particular weed haunted me for a couple of years! R.I.P.

It’s not as easy as it looks, believe it or not. You have to boil a lot of water! You have to watch your toes and make sure that the water doesn’t splash into roots you want to keep (on the edges of the sidewalk, for instance). But by this time (two weeks later), I would have already spotted more weeds, and it looks clean so far. I did read that I’ll have to pour some water over the walk every so often to kill off any weedlings. I’m happy to do so! And, after you boil the weeds, you have to pluck them up but they come out of the ground much easier.

Next I need to research how to get rid of chipmunk holes in our lawn! Don’t worry, I won’t pour boiling water down the holes!


Any other weed-killing tips are welcome here!

Update: July 26th: Still 99% clear! I see some violet weeds peeking through the cracks so I will get some boiling water down as soon as possible to thwart any growth. Violets spread like wildfire!


homemade chocolate candy

Frugal, Healthy & Delicious Recipe: Homemade Dark Chocolate Candy “Bark”

Heart-healthy homemade bittersweet candy “bark” that even the kids will love. This recipe for one batch goes a long way. The chocolate is very rich, very satisfying, and did I say….very healthy?

If you’re tired of giving your kids junk chocolate (my two kids love, love, love chocolate), try this semi-frugal recipe. Continue reading “Frugal, Healthy & Delicious Recipe: Homemade Dark Chocolate Candy “Bark””

Couponers Who Are Truly in Financial Need

Last week, I had the honor of being invited to talk about coupons to a group of women in crisis at a center in Bridgeport, CT. A woman in crisis has other things on her mind than couponing. Continue reading “Couponers Who Are Truly in Financial Need”

This Simple Distraction at the Gas Pump Can Increase Your Purchase

The view of Gas Station TV through my car window on a rainy day. So subtle, isn’t it? It’s enough to make you pump more than you bargained for if you focus on the news show on the screen long enough.

Yesterday I was tired after a full day, facing a long drive home in the rain, out of gas and no cash on me. Continue reading “This Simple Distraction at the Gas Pump Can Increase Your Purchase”