#TBT: Cheap Is Not Affordable (Pt 1a) – Kick the Soda Habit by Memorial Day

Nearly four years ago, I wrote this post encouraging folks to kick the soda habit in time for Labor Day Weekend. How about kicking it before Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer?  Continue reading “#TBT: Cheap Is Not Affordable (Pt 1a) – Kick the Soda Habit by Memorial Day”


Cheap is Not Affordable (Pt. 1a.): Kick the Soda Habit Beginning with the Labor Day Weekend Cookout

Not Just Regular Soda, Diet, too.

At the beginning of summer, I wrote about making a declaration of independence from added sugar.  To end the summer this Labor Day weekend, why not work toward your long-term health? Kick the Soda Habit.  Consider replacing it with fruit flavored water, seltzer, or just plain water.

Think of all the long-term healthcare savings from making one small change.

There will be other scrumptious, delicious sweet treats at your Labor Day Celebration.  If the reasons above aren’t enough to make you think about making the switch, read this.

Your health is your wealth

~Aimee, TFF

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