Blue Ticket Sale at Goodwill of Westport Pays Off

Took the fam to meet Marilyn and her daughter at the new and expanded  Goodwill of Westport store.  I was hoping to get more shorts for my daughter, but got a few great items for half-off because they had blue tickets.  Each week, there is a color-coded half-off sale at the store.  My husband got a pair of  J.Crew bathing trunks for $2.00.  Score!  The other blue ticket $2.00-items were for my daughter, a Champion brand sports bra and Life is Good brand shirt that will be perfect for the beach this summer.  For $4.00 each, my daughter got a pair of Gap brand bermuda shorts, my older son got a pair of cargo shorts and we got a coffee table Sports Illustrated Football Book.  Total cost for these six items: $19.12.

Five out of the six items we got at Goodwill of Westport today, thanks to the Half-off Blue Ticket sale. The six items totaled $19.12.

Like Marilyn, I came away empty-handed.  *Sigh* Hopefully next time, I will make time for a trip by myself for myself :)!

~Aimee, TFF