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Decisions, Decisions…Should You Buy an Electric Car?

Porsche 918 Spyder
The Porsche 918 Spyder Some brave soul parked their luxury hybrid at the Fairfield electric car show–it wasn’t supposed to be on display but it sure got most of the looks. Photo: TFF

Solar panels are the big thing here in Fairfield County right now. So are electric vehicles (EV). Like many people, we are also contemplating an EV for my next car for some very simple reasons: no gas and little maintenance. Continue reading “Decisions, Decisions…Should You Buy an Electric Car?”

Frugal and Green: Consider the Comeback of the Clothesline

It was a huge-load clothesline day!  Two-tiers a grandmother would be proud of!

Consider installing one outside (and, even inside!).

Your children and your children’s children will be proud because you saved your family money and the future of their planet.

Using a clothesline is just one of those things grandmothers did when they were young.

The way things are going these days, we can all stand to learn from the ways of our grandmothers!

For more info on installing a clothesline, please read our previous post by clicking here.

~Aimee, TFF

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