10 Top Quality Products We’re Inspired By

Marilyn’s List:

Clockwise: Calphalon pots with stainless fry pans and baking sheets, Herman Miller furniture, Corelle, fake Birkin, solid wood cabinet from Caldor. Photo: Marilyn, TFF

My motto is “the things that made it to a second-hand store made it there because they are durable!” It’s no secret that things don’t last long enough anymore. Continue reading “10 Top Quality Products We’re Inspired By”


The Dilemma of Finding a Gem at Goodwill: Keep It or Sell It? (A Kate Spade Purse…)

kate spade purseBy pure accident, I found a beautiful mint condition vintage Kate Spade satin purse just staring me in the face while I was zooming around Goodwill last week. Continue reading “The Dilemma of Finding a Gem at Goodwill: Keep It or Sell It? (A Kate Spade Purse…)”

Teen Still Loves Goodwill’s Prices–Look What She Found Today!

Today Aimee and I took our daughters to Goodwill in Westport to shop for clothing. My daughter really needed summer clothing — we are out of hand-me-downs, unfortunately. (Ah, those were the good years when I rarely had to pay for great clothing, but now, the hand-me-down stream has dried out.)

teen clothing
I paid $16 for four items of clothing, all in excellent shape, at the Westport Goodwill today. That kind of money won't get you far in a clothing store. (However, I will say that I scored an adorable long-sleeved shirt at Old Navy this weekend for my daughter for a whopping $1.97. Gotta love their clearance sections.)

Here’s what my daughter found and everything looks fantastic on her. She found four items that were $3.99 each. So, for $16, she was able to get four items for the price she’d pay for one flimsy piece of clothing from a regular clothing store. The tops are in great shape, hardly worn, and the jeans (Old Navy–with adorable detailing) and shorts (Gap–also with cute detailing) look brand new and fit her perfectly. We left before Aimee checked out, but I think her family scored some great deals, too, since it was “1/2 off blue ticket” day.

I can’t wait to get a day to myself when I can scour the racks for some new items.

~Marilyn, TFF

A Goodwill Store Even a Teen Could Love

Last Friday, the new Goodwill Store opened in Westport. It looks like a mini department store…all fresh and new… all the old-clothing odors gone…and all the really fantastic prices seem to be gone, too. But, if it was a choice between having a new and improved store with slightly higher prices, or having the old Goodwill shut down, of course anyone in their right mind who lives in Fairfield County would opt for the new building.

new Goodwill
A history of the Goodwill buildings in Westport. This year, the newest building opened to a crowd hungering for bargains.

The Goodwill is in a new building built on the site of the old Peppermill Restaurant at 1700 Post Road East in Westport. This particular Goodwill is known for its unique , and its tony selection of clothing and goods, be it that it’s in….Westport. On any given day in the old building, you’d find a handful of well-heeled women searching the racks for their next black-tie ensemble. From an old BMW to the newest leased Lexus model, the parking lot was always a mix of cars, and TFF believes that will continue with the new building.

While milling around on opening day, I heard a patron complaining about the prices. This was a young-ish, well-kept kind of man, mind you. I asked him…”So, do you think the prices went up?” He replied, “Yes, they sure did, but they’ll get away with it because everyone shops here because of the economy.”

Okay, well, smart shoppers shopped there before the economy soured, too. And on Friday, I was happy to get a just-about-brand-new stainless Cuisinart frying pan for $8 that I desperately needed. Would I have preferred it to be $5, yes, but I’m not complaining.

You’ll have the complainers and the thankful patrons, but I have to say, my 13-year-old daughter just loves the new store when we went (again) on Saturday. She would barely be able to step into the old building even though I’d explain “You’ll get five items here for the price of one item at Kohl’s,” but it fell on deaf ears. The older building wasn’t “new” enough for her, and I certainly did not raise a spoiled child! But being 13 years old….and in middle school…well, it warps your mind, I guess. But she did not want to leave the new store on Saturday. Although we left with only one hoodie (brand new for $3.99) for her, she said she thinks the new Goodwill is her new shopping hangout. To me, those are golden words. Thank you, Goodwill!

~Marilyn, TFF