Attention Frugal Fashionistas: One Day Sale at Plato’s Closet, Orange, CT


Last weekend, my teenage daughter and I got some great deals on clearance, including the dark wash jeans shown below, for just $5.00. Continue reading “Attention Frugal Fashionistas: One Day Sale at Plato’s Closet, Orange, CT”


DIY Foaming Hand Soap: Frugal Fairfielder Edition

During week 2 of The UN Climate Conference in Paris, I chose to write about 7 Frugal and Sustainable ways to reduce waste to coincide with the last 7 full days of the conference: How to Build Habits of Recycling, Benefits of a reusable mug, How to Create a Zero Waste Closet, Zero Waste Lunch Box, Zero Waste Kitchen, Zero Waste Bathroom, and Incentives for Using Alternatives to Plastic Shopping Bags .

While I still have the goal of making my own toothpaste that everyone in my family will like, here is a DIY Bathroom Foaming Hand Soap recipe that moisturizes and smells great:  Continue reading “DIY Foaming Hand Soap: Frugal Fairfielder Edition”

hamster cage

Attention Frugal Parents! Read this Daily Finance Post

Frugal Parents are Smart Parents!!

hamster cage
Much to my daughter’s credit, she took great care of keeping her hamster’s cage clean. I will admit I was doing the work the first couple of months she had the hamster, but soon I realized how wrong that was! She learned how to do everything herself. I was genuinely proud of her for taking on 100% of the responsibility once I stopped trying to take over her chore.

Take a look at this post from the Daily Finance site. Read through this short article called “Eight Things Smart Parents Shouldn’t Buy for Their Kids.” Continue reading “Attention Frugal Parents! Read this Daily Finance Post”

Are You a Good Money Parent? A Gift Inside…

Yeah. A money parent.

Maybe you think I’ve gone off the deep end, but I assure you, I (probably) haven’t. One of my absolute favorite authors of all time, as you may have read in another post, is Marilyn Jenett. She is a prosperity/money coach. Hey, we all need one! But I love her articles, her thinking, and her way of communicating about money and our feelings towards money.  Continue reading “Are You a Good Money Parent? A Gift Inside…”

Personal Finance Success Stories: Before You Feel Envy, Read Between the Lines

Yesterday there was a story on Yahoo, “I Had No Savings at 40 But Retired by 60,” and there were well over 5,000 comments. I love reading these stories AND the comments because you can learn a lot (and laugh a lot) when you put them together. Reading “success” stories is sort of like “Facebook Envy.” Reading about other people’s personal finance success stories (“I am debt-free!!!!!”) can leave you frustrated and burned out–just like the feeling you get when you read about your Facebook friends’ fabulous vacations, parties, homes, kids/families, careers, personal fitness, etc., etc, etc.  Continue reading “Personal Finance Success Stories: Before You Feel Envy, Read Between the Lines”