Frugal and Sustainable: First Crop of Locally Grown, Organic Sweet Corn

Yay! Locally- grown, organic sweet corn and other delicious food we bought today.

As soon as I could, after getting an email from Patti Popp, I went to her farm to pick up a dozen ears of corn and other delicious produce.  With five more months to go, we have $137 of “Crop Cash” left to spend.

While waiting for our garden tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkin to ripen, we are thankful to get organic produce, locally sourced honey, sausage, and fruits, from Sport Hill Farm.

Cherry tomatoes-to-be in our garden…
…beautiful butternut squash blooms…
…and spinach harvested in early July from our home garden.

What’s growing in your garden?

Frugally and sustainably yours,

Aimee, TFF