Clean Out The Closets–It Can Be More Lucrative Than You Thought!

What could be in this closet? Forgotten money? (Photo credit: Apreche)

By Wendy Amundsen, Guest Blogger

If you hate to clean your closets, this post might inspire you. One reader and guest blogger lets us in on what frugal finds she uncovered once she dug into her cluttered closet. Here’s what she found for her stockpile:

I suspect I’m like most people and hate to clean out closets, drawers and cabinets. But one rainy day in last spring, I put on my favorite Rod Stewart album, set my mind to it and buckled down to tackle the closets. What a lucrative endeavor it was!

Besides all the old clothes I found–including a Nehru jacket, a way-too-small mini skirt and a couple of shoes with no mates, I found all kinds of treasures.

This particular closet yielded a total of $20 of unopened paper towels and light bulbs. Encouraged, I pressed on. All together in this one closet, I found over $100 in usable items for my household items stockpile. However my best find was $40.00 stuffed deep in a pocket of an item that I planned on donating to Goodwill. So, I’d say I made about $140 in a couple of hours of simply decluttering one closet.

The next two closets yielded even more items to save me money. I found a new pair of slippers, which was great, because I was just about to go buy a new pair. Tucked away in the back of one closet were four rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, several boxes of Christmas cards, a bag of bows and fancy Hallmark gift bags, all bought on sale the day after Christmas a couple of years ago, but since forgotten. It’s certainly enough to get me through at least two more holidays without spending a dime on wrapping items. And as an added bonus, I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn the day after Christmas to schlep to the store for any big after-holiday sales!

Not bad for a rainy day.

My next projects will be my drawers, and finally my cabinets. Who knows what I’ll discover.

What have you discovered of worth in your closets, drawers and cabinets?