ShopRite in Fairfield, CT Accepts Competitor’s Coupons

Accepting competitor's coupons.
ShopRite in Fairfield now accepts competitor’s coupons, per this sign in the entryway of the store. This is welcoming news, but watch the limits on the coupons! Next step: see if Stop & Shop takes ShopRite coupons. I also wonder — does sister store PriceRite take ShopRite coupons? Doubt it, but I’ll ask… Photo: TFF

After getting in trouble last month at our new ShopRite for using a competitor’s coupon (I really did NOT know it was a competitor’s coupon because it came from the manufacturer, not from a store flyer…and it was a bit confusing)…well, ShopRite now accepts competitor’s coupons. Yippee! Well, hold on, there’s a catch, of course. I thought I’d test out the new policy and here are the results:

Today, November 9th: Stop & Shop‘s recent in-house coupon flyer (which you pick up from the front of the store) has a great coupon for $1 off of one Near East Couscous that expires 12/2/11. ShopRite has a sale this week for three Near East Couscous boxes for $5 (making each box $1.67). I figured I could get four boxes (the store limit) for .66 cents each. I took my four coupons in, confirmed with the cashier that they now accept competitor’s coupons, and we began check out. But the Stop & Shop coupon said “limit one coupon per specified item purchased.” Phooey! There goes my great deal to get four boxes of couscous for .66 cents each.

Anyhow, the bottom line is that I really need to read the fine print of every coupon! But, this new policy is still great news for us penny-pinching Fairfield, CT shoppers! For non-Fairfielders reading this — check the policy on competitor’s coupons with your local store, it could be different in each ShopRite location.