Wealthy Wednesdays: You Have Grains of Sand in the Bank

“Give every dollar a job.” One of YNAB’s pillars of budgeting.

Long ago, I wrote about the YNAB software program here. YNAB stands for…You Need a Budget. Please don’t run off…hear me out. I hate budgets like the rest of the universe, but, if you don’t know where every buck is going, you might as well just deposit a bucket of sand in your bank account, because that’s what it acts like. Grains of sand. Poof! Then you look one day and there’s NOTHING left! Then you wonder where did that $1,000 bucks just go that I had in my checking account last week?  Yeah, been there, done that.

If you don’t give every one of your bucks a job, it sneaks out and disappears.  Continue reading “Wealthy Wednesdays: You Have Grains of Sand in the Bank”


Yahoo Debuts Webumentary “Remake America” On Economic Challenges of Today’s American Families

One of the family's on "Remake America."
One of the families on "Remake America" facing tough times. Photo: Erik Tanner/Business Wire

It makes for some great tv! Remember “Downsized,” the reality show on WE-TV? Well now there’s Yahoo’s “Remake America“–a webumentary that debuted today.

Remake America” is a new and original weekly video series that follows the lives of six real families as they strive to get back on track towards achieving “the American dream.”

During the program, Yahoo! News and ABC News experts will work with the “Remake America” families through specific situations, offering direct advice and tips that will help them break through roadblocks and create life-changing solutions. According to Yahoo’s executives, they are not going to sugar-coat the reality of the challenges that these families face.

The series kicked off today by introducing viewers to John and Michelle of Little Falls, NJ – a couple of nineteen years with three children – who have found themselves near bankruptcy and debt due to job loss. John received tough news in 2011 when he was laid off from the job he loved helping disaster survivors through a non-profit. To make matters worse, Michelle has hit in her career path, which could put an additional strain on the family’s finances. The episode explores this families strain as they attempt to overcome economic challenges.

The site wants viewers to post opinions and ideas, but as always, there are many unnecessary comments about the family. However maybe there will be some great kernels of wisdom among the responses. Looking forward to tuning in each week.

~Marilyn from TFF