Wealthy Wednesdays: You Have Grains of Sand in the Bank

“Give every dollar a job.” One of YNAB’s pillars of budgeting.

Long ago, I wrote about the YNAB software program here. YNAB stands for…You Need a Budget. Please don’t run off…hear me out. I hate budgets like the rest of the universe, but, if you don’t know where every buck is going, you might as well just deposit a bucket of sand in your bank account, because that’s what it acts like. Grains of sand. Poof! Then you look one day and there’s NOTHING left! Then you wonder where did that $1,000 bucks just go that I had in my checking account last week?  Yeah, been there, done that.

If you don’t give every one of your bucks a job, it sneaks out and disappears.  Continue reading “Wealthy Wednesdays: You Have Grains of Sand in the Bank”

credit cards

New! Wealthy Wednesdays’ Nugget of Financial Advice

credit cards
Are you charging a …need…or a want? Sometimes credit cards can save the day on a need (broken water heater in our experience!!). Photo: Pixabay

Wealthy Wednesdays is a post where you’ll find a piece of financial advice or two that we report on from around the Web. Continue reading “New! Wealthy Wednesdays’ Nugget of Financial Advice”

Why I Ditched Living Frugally This Summer–But Now, It’s Time to Catch Up

There’s no need to feel guilty if you blew your budget this summer like I did! Autumn is the perfect time to get back on track and reboot your frugal habits. I know that’s what I have to do!

Sunset over Long Island Sound
Priceless view of a sunset from our boat.

When I sat down yesterday to update my August budget sheet, I nearly had a cow. Continue reading “Why I Ditched Living Frugally This Summer–But Now, It’s Time to Catch Up”

Paying With Cash Only: If This Video Doesn’t Convince You to Go on a Cash Diet, Then Nothing Will!

Click and watch this now, a video from Yahoo’s Remake America. It’s actually a very well-edited short video on why you should use cash versus plastic! Hint: If you use cash, this video says you will save 20% every time you shop (that’s $1 out of $5 that you keep in your pocket). (Access the video here.)

Use cash, cash, cash to save, save, save.

~Marilyn, TFF