breaded cutlets

Make It Monday: Simple, Quick Breaded Chicken Cutlets

breaded cutlets
…cutlets perfectly done, served with a side of asparagus, also stir-fried.

Cutlets, egg, homemade breadcrumbs and you have a quick dinner!

If there’s any basic recipe to have on hand, it’s this one–kids and adults love it and I routinely cook chicken or pork cutlets for dinner. Sometimes I make homemade chicken nuggets using the same recipe.  Continue reading “Make It Monday: Simple, Quick Breaded Chicken Cutlets”


Make It Monday Recipe: Basic Dry Rub for Meats and Poultry

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We’ve heard from many readers, friends and family that they just don’t know how to cook even a basic recipe, or, make meats and poultry, well, tasty. We are here to help with our Make It Monday series of recipes 101.

Here’s another great basic tool—rubs–that you’ll use from your cookbook toolbox for years to come.  Continue reading “Make It Monday Recipe: Basic Dry Rub for Meats and Poultry”