Frustrated Shoppers: Don’t Act Out at the Customer Service Desk

Maybe the universe is giving me fodder for posts. Twice this week, I’ve returned items to the store that were spoiled or poor quality. (Do you wonder what the folks at the Customer Service desk think when they see you coming? “Oh no, not her again!”)

We consider ourselves to be smart shoppers, right? So how do these things happen? Well, luck of the draw, but most likely we are in a rush when we are shopping. We have to slow down and inspect things and that’ll save us time and money. Continue reading “Frustrated Shoppers: Don’t Act Out at the Customer Service Desk”


Two Frugal Fairfielders Expands

We are proud to announce that Two Frugal Fairfielders is expanding and branching out to serve our readers in a more laser-focused way! Thank you to those of you who have been with us since we began the blog in 2008. Our newly designed blog has links that will allow you to get the information that interests you most through our destination sites and content.

From Aimee:

Enjoying the last tomatoes of the season. Looking forward to drying and cooking with the abundant sage in the background.

As you know from reading my posts, the core of my take is on living sustainably and frugally. It has been so rewarding to share ways of living-within-your-means that aim to sustain the health of self, family and nature with love, joy and strength! As I like to often say at the end of my posts, “Your Health is Your Wealth!”

If you have enjoyed my brief column, Quotable Quotes for a Sustainable Serenity, and would like updates on zero-waste living, clean-eating, and joyful parenting, go here and receive your FREE copy of my Small-Steps Guide to Zero Waste Living.

From Marilyn:Ditch the Coupons

I love sharing unorthodox ideas and points of view about wealth, money, finances, abundance, saving money, spending money and teaching kids and teens about saving and spending money. There’s so much demand for information about how to achieve financial goals and stop worrying so much about money. My new sister site, Two Frugal Fairfielders Press (here) showcases the frugal living books (available on Amazon) that I’ve written and that are in the works.

My newest book, Ditch the Coupons: Save Money, Spot Secret Sales and Love Grocery Shopping…Without Couponing! is due out in the Fall of 2016. (Beta readers have dubbed it the “anti-couponing movement” book.) My new book teaches you how to grocery shop and save money without using coupons, and by using your noggin to easily find the best sales. It’s chock full of secret tips the stores don’t want you to know about…plus a ton of recipes that help you make the best use of your time, your sanity, and how to deliciously use up your leftovers with tons of simple and tested recipes.

Go here to make sure you know when to buy the Ditch the Coupons book on Amazon for a special limited time launch price of .99 cents (and there will even be a one-day pop-up free book giveaway).

  • Other books I’m developing for 2017 include:  
    • Frugal University (lessons from the Tightwad Tutor, herself)
    • Money 101 (learn the basics of money, finances and budgeting–for teens…and adults!) and…
    • Money 911 (tips from others on how to handle everyday money emergencies)

There’s more (and more to come)!

  • Newsletter with Free Gifts: If you want to know where to find free gifts from the personal growth, personal development, self-help industry, tap into my free Serenity on a Shoestring Newsletter here. The newsletter emerged out of my 2016 book, Serenity on a Shoestring: Achieve a Peaceful and Prosperous Mindset by Discovering the Secret World of Free Personal Growth Resources.Monthly Payment Schedule
  • Free Financial Cheap Sheet Download: And, if you want to keep up with your bills without missing a beat, be sure to download TFF’s exclusive 11-page Essential Monthly Budget Schedule (a popular and frequently-downloaded tool that’s been redesigned to help you keep your monthly and yearly bills in order so they don’t go unpaid!), go here, add your email address on the box at the top of the TFF Press page and download the beautifully designed cheat sheet for FREE!

Two Frugal Fairfielders new logoLastly, we have redesigned our logo that better represents the different approaches we embrace in order to help us save money and live a rich, frugal life. We will continue to share tips, ideas, guides and books that will help you live the best life you possibly can.

~Aimee and Marilyn


Leftovers Go From Yuck to Delicious: Simple Crustless Quiche Recipe from The Tightwad’s Notebook

In the true spirit of frugal living, I like to get the best value out of everything…including teeny bits of leftovers! Why throw anything out when you can make a homemade soup or crustless quiche?  Continue reading “Leftovers Go From Yuck to Delicious: Simple Crustless Quiche Recipe from The Tightwad’s Notebook”


Pet Peeve from the Tightwad’s Notebook: Squeezable Mayo Containers

I took out my frustration on a squeezable mayo container and found extra mayo. Yippee!

Maybe if I had to do it all over again, I’d study package design. Most people I know are frustrated with trying to open packages of anything these days (have you tried opening a bar of cream cheese recently?). Take for instance the squeezable mayo container. Continue reading “Pet Peeve from the Tightwad’s Notebook: Squeezable Mayo Containers”

Older Article (+ Newer Video) by Amy Dacyczyn, Tightwad Gazette

The bible of the frugal movement by Amy Dacyczyn.
The bible of the frugal movement by Amy Dacyczyn.

Just love this woman!

Amy Dacyczyn is my hero, my mentor, and here’s a link to an old piece she wrote in 1990 when she still ran her newsletter and published books. (You’ll find a 5-minute video if you scroll down, too.)  Continue reading “Older Article (+ Newer Video) by Amy Dacyczyn, Tightwad Gazette”

Updated: The Tightwad’s Notebook: Lesson #18–Get Your New Walgreens Loyalty Card (a.k.a. Balance Rewards Card)

The Tightwad’s Notebook: Lesson #18–Get Your New Walgreens Loyalty Card (a.k.a. Balance Rewards Card)

If you haven’t heard yet, Walgreens has a brand new Balance Rewards program. Continue reading “Updated: The Tightwad’s Notebook: Lesson #18–Get Your New Walgreens Loyalty Card (a.k.a. Balance Rewards Card)”