Throw Back Thursday: What’s the Link Between Kids Cooking and Frugal Living?

Marilyn: The way to get kids into a frugal mindset at any age is NOT to say “We can’t afford that.” I’ve frequently spoken at workshops about how we, as parents, have to stop saying that to our kids because it sends the wrong message. Frugality is not poor. Continue reading “Throw Back Thursday: What’s the Link Between Kids Cooking and Frugal Living?”

TBT: 4 Values to Teach as a Frugal Parent

For Throw Back Thursday: a post from 4 years ago. What does frugal parenting mean to you?

Parenting QuoteMy husband and I made an appointment at the bank recently to discuss options for refinancing our mortgage.  Our children are 6, 8, and 11; do we get a babysitter for an hour-long meeting? Continue reading “TBT: 4 Values to Teach as a Frugal Parent”

Make It Monday Recipe Week 7: Kale Chips

Here is my daughter making kale chips for her cooking class project when she was in 7th grade

The challenge of making homemade kale chips is knowing the right recipe for your oven. I have tried recipes that called for the oven temperature set at 400, 375, and 325 degrees Fahrenheit. All of these temps caused an unpleasant, smoky odor. That’s no way to get your family eating their dark leafy greens!  Continue reading “Make It Monday Recipe Week 7: Kale Chips”


10 Top Quality Products We’re Inspired By

Marilyn’s List:

Clockwise: Calphalon pots with stainless fry pans and baking sheets, Herman Miller furniture, Corelle, fake Birkin, solid wood cabinet from Caldor. Photo: Marilyn, TFF

My motto is “the things that made it to a second-hand store made it there because they are durable!” It’s no secret that things don’t last long enough anymore. Continue reading “10 Top Quality Products We’re Inspired By”

How to Lower Your Cost for Trash Removal: My Zero Waste Log March 2016

zero waste challengeIMG_5330On March 30, in the big garbage bin in the garage, there are 2 kitchen-sized garbage bags. Our kitchen garbage can is nearly empty.  Continue reading “How to Lower Your Cost for Trash Removal: My Zero Waste Log March 2016”

10 Ways Amy Dacyczyn Inspired Me – Aimee’s Take

tightwad gazetteNot too long after becoming a stay-at-home mom when my second child was born, I discovered this book at the library, a compilation of Amy Dacyczyn’s widely distributed newsletter from the 1990’s called, The Tightwad Gazette. It was nearly 10 years after she stopped writing that I discovered her stuff. Continue reading “10 Ways Amy Dacyczyn Inspired Me – Aimee’s Take”