Veterinarian Costs Vary–It Pays to Call Around for Prices

Is the escalating cost of veterinarian care keeping you from taking in your pets for treatment? It sure is in our house. But calling around for prices can yield some happy and unexpected results. 

Zappa the cat
It’s amazing Zappa stayed still long enough for one fuzzy photo. But he needs to get to a vet, and I need to find one that doesn’t charge an arm and a paw for an exam.

He’s cute and all, but he has bad breath. Over the years, we’ve spent quite a bit of money on vet bills for our various pets. Now, we are down to one cat, who is about thirteen-years-old. His name is Zappa (named by my husband, who is a great fan of who else, Frank Zappa), and he is probably one of the most difficult cats I’ve ever owned (he’s fast, strong, and hates to be caught). But I need to get him to the vet to see what’s causing that bad breath, but what’s been keeping me from picking up the phone and calling for an appointment? Cost!  Continue reading “Veterinarian Costs Vary–It Pays to Call Around for Prices”