Wealthy Wednesdays: When We Fall for Our Own Faulty Thinking

“If something costs $1,000, but it’s on sale for $750 and then you decide to buy it, you did not just save $250. You spent $750.” Faisal Khan, banking consultant, a quote I pilfered from a question he answered on Quora.

IMG_4772It was synchronicity that I found this quote on Quora (I love Quora). Seconds before I was writing a chapter in a new book on how to ditch coupons and still save money grocery shopping and I was trying to explain the perception of the “you saved this much money” line often used on store receipts. I have said time and time again…it is never about how much money you think you’re saving, it’s really about how much you’re actually spending.  Continue reading “Wealthy Wednesdays: When We Fall for Our Own Faulty Thinking”


Wealthy Wednesdays: Complaining About Your Bills

“The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation.”

Arnold M. Patent, author, “Money

Gratitude is this decade’s overused buzzword. But let’s look at what this quote by author Arnold M. Patent really means. (I credit author Dr. Joe Vitale for bringing this quote to my attention.)

Don’t dread bill paying day! Photo: Pixabay

Let’s say you have to pay a bill, and you are stretched on money this month.  Continue reading “Wealthy Wednesdays: Complaining About Your Bills”

pennies in bowl

Wealthy Wednesdays Financial Advice: It’s Almost Too Simple

Progress…NOT perfection.

~John Assaraf, entrepreneur

This simple three-word sentence is pure brilliance. John Assaraf, entrepreneur, author and multi-millionare was actually discussing the right mindset to have when you want to lose weight, but this quote applies to just about everything from parenting to career to finances and more.  Continue reading “Wealthy Wednesdays Financial Advice: It’s Almost Too Simple”

Thinking Money

Wealthy Wednesdays Financial Advice: It Takes Five Bucks…

Question for Jordan Goldberg, Stickk.com: “What have you learned about successful saving after years of working with people?”  Continue reading “Wealthy Wednesdays Financial Advice: It Takes Five Bucks…”

credit cards

New! Wealthy Wednesdays’ Nugget of Financial Advice

credit cards
Are you charging a …need…or a want? Sometimes credit cards can save the day on a need (broken water heater in our experience!!). Photo: Pixabay

Wealthy Wednesdays is a post where you’ll find a piece of financial advice or two that we report on from around the Web. Continue reading “New! Wealthy Wednesdays’ Nugget of Financial Advice”