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Community College Parent Forum: Honest Talk About Stigma and Costs

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Our town’s two high schools hosted a first-ever forum for parents featuring three area community colleges. Kudos to the Career Center Directors of the two high schools, Alice Gorman at Fairfield Roger Ludlowe H.S., Kate Lala at Fairfield Warde H.S. and the three Admissions Directors, Earl Graham of Housatonic Community College, Tony Carberry of Gateway Community College, and William Chagnon of Norwalk Community College, for coordinating the presentation.  Continue reading “Community College Parent Forum: Honest Talk About Stigma and Costs”


College Without Debt–Is It Possible? Marilyn’s View

My goal in attending this week’s panel of college parents at our high school was to hear about how they financed their kids’ colleges (GW seemed to be a popular choice). Continue reading “College Without Debt–Is It Possible? Marilyn’s View”

Attending My First High School PTA Parent College Panel: Aimee’s View

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College prepping–the horror of it all! Photo: TFF

Overall, I am glad that I went. I have three children. I stayed home for 8 years to raise them on one teachers’ salary. My oldest is a high school freshman.  Continue reading “Attending My First High School PTA Parent College Panel: Aimee’s View”


The “Gotta-Get-My-Kid-Into-a-Dream-College” Trend: Our Journeys Continue

We all know the student loan bubble is going to pop soon and we don’t want our kids to have any part in it. Photo:

Disclosure: Our PTA is hosting a college parent panel tonight to share insights and information about the college admissions process. I will be there to hear what they have to say…


Both Aimee and I have high school kids (Aimee one and myself, two) and as one of her neighbors puts it, we are going to “buck the trend.”  Continue reading “The “Gotta-Get-My-Kid-Into-a-Dream-College” Trend: Our Journeys Continue”

college or not?

The Beginning: Deciding What To Do About Our Kids’ College

college or not?
Ivy-covered towers? Maybe not in my kids’ futures. Source:

Today, Aimee and I were talking on the phone about college. It’s constantly on my mind these days having two high schoolers. Continue reading “The Beginning: Deciding What To Do About Our Kids’ College”