Make It Monday: Worth-It Fast and Fabulous Recipes for Clean Eating

Achieve wealth with health! Start here with a holiday gift to yourself and/or loved one.

How is clean-eating worth it? As an investment in your health, your long-term healthcare savings account and health of our planet! As an advocate of clean-eating and frugal, sustainable living, I got chosen to be one of Lisa Leake’s new cookbook ambassadors 🙂. In the New 100 Days of Real Food: Fast & Fabulous cookbook, released last Tuesday, learn how clean-eating with real food can be budget-friendly and doable with easy-to-find ingredients. Scroll down to get another sample recipe, in addition to last week’s here.

  • All 100 recipes are quick and easy, only call for very common (unprocessed!) ingredients, have a color photo, follow real food rules, and are different from first 100 Days cookbook.
  • Only 25% of the recipes were previously published on the blog.
  • For those with special dietary needs, there’s a chart in the back to help you find the 85 recipes that are (or can easily be) Gluten-Free, 52 that are Dairy-Free, 69 that are Vegetarian, and the 85 that are Peanut/Tree Nut-Free.
  • The book also comes with ingredient cheat sheets, meal plans, and grocery shopping lists.
  • Get your copy for anywhere from $16 to $30 at Barnes & Noble (online and in stores), Amazon, Target (online and in some stores), and local independent book stores including signed copies from– which would be a great holiday gift!
Veggie Cream Cheese is great for a snack or lunch sandwich.

For Make It Monday and Meatless Mondays: This Veggie Cream Cheese recipe  from the “Fast & Fabulous” cookbook makes a great nut-free snack or lunch box sandwich.

Invest in your health with the NEW 100 Days of Real Food: Fast & Fabulous cookbook! Learn more about clean-eating, earth-friendly and budget-friendly tips here and here.

Your Health is Your Wealth! Our Planet’s Health is Our Children’s Wealth, too!

~Aimee, TFF