Not Just Make It Monday: Real Food “Fast and Fabulous” Everyday!

Fast and Fabulous: White Chicken Chili. See below for link to recipe and how to make it vegetarian-friendly

I have been a fan of Lisa Leake and her 100 Days of Real Food Blog since 2011, shortly after she started it. “Real Food on a Budget” was how I connected with her. In her first best-selling cookbook, Lisa succinctly maps out the reasons why and how she and her family cut out highly processed food. Through a series of small-steps of mini-pledges, shopping tips, and easy-to-follow recipes with beautiful color photos, she shows you how doable it is. This became one of our family fave staple recipes: Budget-Friendly PestoNow, Lisa is back with another cookbook, 100 Days of Real Food: Fast and Fabulous, the Easy and Delicious Way to Cut Out Processed Food. 

Officially it will be released tomorrow. ORDER TODAY and you will get the lower pre-order price here.

Life is busy for everyone! What I found especially helpful for working folks:

  • Lunch Recipes chapter. I love the color photographs that show “Lunch Box: Work” and “Lunch Box: School”. There are different combinations of side dishes that I never thought to add to my or my kids’ lunchboxes.
  • Make-Ahead Suggestions with a Recipe – more great ideas!
  • Real-Food Supermarket Product Lists that she has compiled for national chains like Target, Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Walmart just to name a few, that show products that “are either a good deal or hard to find elsewhere.”
  • Seasonal Meal Plans and shopping lists, including a pantry checklist.

Just as she offers in her first cookbook, there are beautiful photographs and helpful tips to get you and your family started on your journey toward eating more “real food.” Here is a fast and fabulous, printable recipe to try today White Chicken Chili. It’s perfect for fall and adaptable for vegetarians in your family – just omit the chicken and use vegetable, instead of chicken broth.

Join Lisa and me on a journey toward eating less processed food and more real food. Get both 100 Days of Real Food cookbooks today – click here.   As I like to say often, “Your Health is Your Wealth!” 

~Aimee, TFF



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