Note to Solar Panel Companies: Are You All Hypocrites?

There’s a big push for installing residential solar roof panels in my town, so naturally, we get call after call from companies looking to get our business. We even received a letter from the town telling us that they’ve identified our house as a good candidate for solar panels!! So let me rant a bit. 

There is so much sun on our house all day that it has melted our fiberglass door and the glue.
There is so much sun on our house all day that it has melted our fiberglass door and the glue. Our deck is practically bleached from the sun! Photo: TFF

The problem is, these companies don’t actually come out and look at our property. They rely on Google Earth or Bing to look at our property to see what trees are in the way. Evidently we have one measly tree in the way. But it’s our neighbor’s tree and it’s not big at all. We have other trees on our property that are “sort of” in the way, per one solar rep, but they’d cost thousands of dollars to cut down and we’d probably never recoup those costs going solar anyhow. So either they reject us via phone or make an appointment with us and never show up. Wow. Great customer service!

But it gets better…

This house has many solar roof panels but it's surrounded by thick trees. I'm confused!
This house has many solar roof panels but it’s surrounded by thick trees. I’m jealous! Photo: TFF

I’m certainly not an expert on solar or the technology behind it. I am an expert on our house. Our front door has melted from too much sun. Our deck is too hot to sit out on because of the sun. Evidently we have some southeast tree problem. Uh-huh. Why have I seen other houses in town with solar panels but that are also surrounded by trees? I’m confused.

I just got off the phone with one solar guy who called me, no less, and then rejected our house after a ten wasted minutes (or more). But he told me that there are two solar programs. If we were looking for the free solar program, the neighbor’s tree is an issue. But if we were looking to own the system to get the tax rebate, then they’d come out and talk to us. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? They’d sell us the system but not lease it to us? What? Did I misunderstand? I don’t need any solar panels to get my blood boiling here.

As a frugal homeowner, I wanted solar roof panels. I was excited about the possibility. We even went to a neighbor’s solar open house to talk to the reps! I have heard good and bad about certain solar companies and certain solar product problems. One of my friends paid $20 for an electric bill last month (plus the $70 monthly leasing payment to the solar panel company) which I think is pretty good for her 2,500-square-foot-house with cathedral ceilings. I’m sure many other readers have had glowing experiences with their solar reps and products.

But solar companies keep calling us, but they are not interested in us unless we want to buy their system. Otherwise, we get a big fat red REJECT stamped on our file. I’m tired of wasting my time on the phone arguing with these guys. Can’t they do a Google Earth view BEFORE they call to bother a homeowner just to reject them? Wouldn’t that be a better idea?

I think I’ll stick to buying an EV. The car I want has a tiny solar panel on the roof and that’s just fine with me. I feel sorry for the next solar company rep to call my home…

Rant over.

~Marilyn, TFF


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  1. Have you been contacted by NRG? I believe they are very reliable and honest. Cold calls from solar companies not so much. I have solar panels and I’m very happy with them. I lease them and didn’t pay a penny to have them installed, including permits, inspections, etc.

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