So, This Frugal Couple Walks into a Car Dealership…

My husband told me a funny story about an IT guy at his work. Evidently he told my husband some funny codes IT guys use between each other to describe employees. Here’s an example of one hypothetical conversation: 

IT Guy #1: “Hey Bob, we have a situation on the 2nd floor, we have an I.D.-Ten-Tee on our hands.”

IT Guy #2: “Well, Al, can you figure out why your I.D.-Ten-Tee can’t get the DVD tray open?”

IT Guy #1: “Yup, Bob. My I.D.-Ten-Tee didn’t know where the button to open the tray was located.”

IT Guy #2: “Figures.”

Hint: I.D.-Ten-Tee stands for…ID10T (or, IDIOT).

Nissan Leaf
Frugal me, test driving a Nissan Leaf EV (my eyes were open as I was driving, however). Photo: Steve Syarto

So, let’s switch to codes that car salesmen must have about frugal people who come in to their dealerships. Like my husband and I. Today we went to test drive a Nissan Leaf (electric) car. I have to say we had a fantastic experience with top-notch professional and under-bearing salespeople at this particular Nissan dealership. Later on, when we walked out the door without purchasing the extremely affordable car (at least for now), we figured they had a conversation that went sort of like this:

Salesman #1: “There goes a CCWB.”

Salesman #2: “Yeah, figures, they won’t even spring for an affordable car in great shape and for sure they aren’t the type to lease a car!”

Salesman #1: “Yeah, and did ya see they drove a Honda Civic, too?”

Hint: We completely made CCWB up, but in our minds, it stands for Cheap Couple Won’t Buy, or, Cheap Couple Won’t Budge. But we are sure there are many other codes car salespeople have for people like us! But swear on our hearts, we aren’t being cheap, just frugal, just making sure we don’t bite off more than we can chew at the wrong time and so we can shop around for the best value for our money.

If you want to read more about our quest for an EV, read my post here.

I wonder…can car salespeople spot a frugal customer from a mile away?



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