#TBT: 5 Reasons to Own a Reel Push Mower (Including Teach Your Kid to Mow the Lawn!)

Four years later, we now have two out of three kids who mow the lawn! I still highly recommend getting one of these reel push mowers. The 5 reasons below still apply. Happy #TBT day! ~Aimee, TFF  p.s. I need to add this item to my list on this previous post I did with Marilyn about quality items we own

First push mower lesson for our daughter.
First push mower lesson for our daughter.

Last spring, I wrote about the benefits of having a reel push mower.  With the price of gas going up again, being diligent about using this mower has been good for our wallet.  However, if the grass gets too long, the reel push mower is more difficult to use. We have a gas-powered mower, for those string of rainy days when the grass grows twice as fast.

Over the summer, my husband began teaching our daughter to mow the lawn using the push reel mower.  She started out just mowing the front yard.

Our daughter mowed the front and backyard last week! Yay!  And she didn’t ask/demand to get paid. Yay!

Last week, she mowed the front and backyard for the first time.  And, here’s the bonus:  without being asked, she mowed the backyard, which is twice as big.

Our daughter, plugged in to her iPod Nano, while she mows the lawn. Hey, whatever works to give me and my hubby a break from this chore!

The secret may have been her plugging herself into her iPod Nano.  Smart girl!  I enjoy listening to podcasts when I mow with the push reel.  Hey, whatever works to make a chore easier to do, I am all for it!

Why I highly recommend investing in one of these:

  • less gas
  • safer to use
  • makes you physically stronger by offering a great work out for your core and arms
  • less pollution, both air and noise
  • easier to teach your child to mow the lawn.  Eventually, you can hire her/him out to do the neighbor’s lawn.  Yay!

Frugal and sustainable,

~Aimee, TFF

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