Wealthy Wednesdays Financial Advice: It’s Almost Too Simple

Progress…NOT perfection.

~John Assaraf, entrepreneur

This simple three-word sentence is pure brilliance. John Assaraf, entrepreneur, author and multi-millionare was actually discussing the right mindset to have when you want to lose weight, but this quote applies to just about everything from parenting to career to finances and more. 

Why? Because we get anxious over our money, finances and debt if it’s not as perfect as we think it should be…now. We think of ourselves as failures if we are not millionaires…now. We think of ourselves as terrible people if our credit card debt is not paid off…now. Somehow we have to give ourselves permission to breathe. The goal is to progress a step at a time, not jump over the Grand Canyon in one fell swoop!

pennies in bowl
What looks futile and pointless to some looks like progress to others. Photo: Pixabay

So, if you have $0 in savings, isn’t having $10 in the bank the next week and more the next week, and even more the next…isn’t that better than still having nothing at all? That’s progress! If you have $2,000 in credit card debt one month but put every extra bit of money you receive to get the debt down, that’s called progress! It’s something we tend to forget…that making progress is far better than taking no action at all to make a financial situation better.

One example I can give you is a stock I bought a few years ago. I think I started with one share, no kidding. Most of the time I forgot I was automatically putting $25 into the account every month, buying share after share. Suddenly, I have quite a nice little fund there. Progress. Certainly not perfection…it’s not a huge windfall, but it’s more than I would have had than if I did nothing at all.

A one step at a time, one droplet at a time…every month for a few years. It adds up. Progress, certainly not perfection.

P.S. if you don’t know John Assaraf, you can get a lot of valuable and free trainings, workshops and information about how to better your financial mindset–start here. (I have no affiliation with him, just a fan.)

P.S.S. I told you I wasn’t going to give you advice from the typical financial folks 😉

~Marilyn, TFF