Surviving The Not So Frugal Prom

As frugal people, we can probably all agree that we cut back on some parts of our lives in order to be indulgent in other parts of our lives. Enter…The Prom

I cannot tell you how happy I am for my daughter that she is going to her Junior Prom. She deserves it for many, many, many different reasons. (Sniff, sniff)

prom dress
An unscripted pose while trying on prom dresses. Though I couldn’t get my daughter to buy this very affordable dress from JCP, what a priceless look on her face that I gratefully caught on camera! Photo: Marilyn, TFF

The demands can be high for a four-hour event. But I’m indulging my daughter without going over the top, and because she is not spoiled, she’s able to look at all of this as a pampering that she knows will come every blue moon. I can see in her eyes that she appreciates the dress, the shoes, the nails, the hair, the special undergarments…sigh….

I could have rented a dress…or gone to a consignment shop, but chose not to and spent a bit more on a dress than I had planned. However, I pulled out my bag of frugal tricks on some of the periphery items. Though I insisted that I could do her nails myself (I have never applied an acrylic nail set before, so…um…), my husband convinced me to take her to a nail salon. Luckily, I found a perfect Groupon. Shoes? Well, being the practical girl she is, my daughter opted for strappy, but comfortable shoes (no crazy stiletto heels for her!) from…YES, JCP! And wouldn’t you know I had a great coupon to use on those shoes 🙂 Oh, and another JCP coupon for the undergarment she needs…for free. Semi-formal prom, semi-frugal purchases.

But this is why we do the frugal things we do…so we can indulge guilt-free every once in a while on the experiences that are so very worthwhile. And I’ll admit, I had a blast dress shopping with my lovely little lady and I have the hundred photos to prove it!

Then…there’s the senior prom….gulp…

~Marilyn, TFF