#TBT: Cheap Is Not Affordable (Pt 1a) – Kick the Soda Habit by Memorial Day

Nearly four years ago, I wrote this post encouraging folks to kick the soda habit in time for Labor Day Weekend. How about kicking it before Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer? 


Earlier this year, the husband of my very good friend Valerie was severely incapacitated due to a massive kidney stone that doctors said had its origins traced back to his soda addiction. He had to have it surgically removed. A few weeks later, a friend from high school landed in the hospital on his birthday for the same.exact.thing.

Here are the main ingredients in soda – but they are also found in food. Click on each link for reasons to avoid them.

Phosphoric Acid – especially, why it’s bad for your kidneys – HERE 

Carmel Color – its link to cancer – HERE 

Artificial Sweeteners – in case the word artificial isn’t enough to give you pause – HERE

Formaldehyde – its link to cancer – HERE 

High Fructose Corn Syrup – a video explanation – HERE

Potassium benzoate – It’s not just in soda! Also, scroll down to read about other ingredients to avoid – HERE

Food dyes – banned in other countries but not in the US. Why? – HERE  (And here is just one way we avoid food dyes – see recipe posted 4 years ago – HERE )

Save on healthcare costs and kick the soda habit. Choose naturally flavored seltzer water, lemon water, or just plain water (it’s cheaper 😉 !). 

Your Health is your Wealth! Invest well-

~Aimee, TFF

Diet and Regular Soda
Diet and Regular Soda

At the beginning of summer, I wrote about making a declaration of independence from added sugar.  To end the summer this Labor Day weekend, why not work toward your long-term health? Kick the Soda Habit.  Consider replacing it with fruit flavored water, seltzer, or just plain water.

Think of all the long-term healthcare savings from making one small change.

There will be other scrumptious, delicious sweet treats at your Labor Day Celebration.  If the reasons above aren’t enough to make you think about making the switch, read this.

Your health is your wealth

~Aimee, TFF