Do 1 Green Thing to Keep the Green $$: Reduce Waste

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From the cover of Amy Dacyczyn’s The Complete Tightwad Gazette

Amy Dacyczyn saw the relationship between frugality and environmental impacts. (Psst! Here are 10 other ways Amy D. has inspired me) She says in her Tightwad Gazette I, “People tend to think that environmental damage occurs because of sloppy practices of some factory out there. In fact, we consumers create the demand for what the factories produce…One family making a supreme effort entirely without any harm to the environment makes little impact. But the collective effort of the majority of the population to make smaller, seemingly insignificant changes can make a difference.”

What if we all chose to do 1 Green Thing every day? Think of the ginormous difference we’d make! Here’s a short list to get you started.

7 Ways to Reduce and Reuse

Saturday – Bring a reusable bag to the store – Did you know that Target will give you $.05 for each of your reusuable bags? Zero Waste Incentives – HERE

Sunday – Swap one disposable for something reusable in your kitchen – START HERE

Monday – Zero Waste Lunchbox – By bringing lunch to work and/or school, you save big here! Find out just how much your annual savings could be – HERE

Tuesday – Bring your reusable mug to the coffee shop – Financial incentives! It all adds up – HERE!

Wednesday – Recycle, especially if you have Single Stream Recycling, like we have in Fairfield. Find out about it – HERE – Lower your cost of trash removal – HERE

Thursday – Learn about the Zero Waste Closet – I learn about a new fashion-forward place every year – HERE

Friday – DIY Foaming Hand Soap – I found something that works well every time – HERE – 

Collectively, we can Make Earth Day Every Day! Healthy for the Earth is Healthy for You. And, as I like to say…

Your Health is Your Wealth!

~Aimee, TFFzero waste protect 2


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