Will labeling GMO’s increase food prices?

As part of GMO Awareness Week last week, I wrote this post on the buzz about GMO’s.

The recent buzz also includes the notion that labeling GMO’s will increase food prices. There is just no evidence that proves this. Check here and here

Courtesy of Organic Consumers Association

The Big Food companies have been lobbying against labeling GMO’s for years. Campbell’s Soup Company is the first to go against towing the line. At the beginning of 2016, Campbell’s announced that they will be labeling their foods that contain genetically modified ingredients, and they will not raise prices. Company spokesman Tom Hushen wrote: “To be clear, there will be no price increase as a result of Vermont or national GMO labeling for Campbell products.” Read about this victory here  and here

The U.S. Senate is poised to block legislation requiring food companies to list genetically modified ingredients on their labels. More than 60 countries in the world already give their citizens the right to know what is in their food. Americans ought to have this right  to know, as well. Over 30 states have proposed their own right-to-know legislation on GMO labeling.

“The timing of a proposed federal law blocking labeling is seen by food safety advocates as a direct attack on state’s rights, earning it the nickname, the “Dark Act.” To date, three states have passed genetically engineered food labeling laws – Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont,’’ according to this article.

You work hard for the dollars you spend on your groceries. Don’t you think it’s time to know what’s in the food you buy?   Curious to know more? Check out: U.S. Right to Know 

If you live in CT, thank our two senators for working hard to protect our right to know what’s in our food. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy support GMO labeling.

TAKE ACTION: Call your Senators today! Tell them no compromise on GMO labeling!

Donate to help defeat the Senate’s DARK Act

If you live in Michigan, contact Sen. Stabenow

More on Stabenow’s role

If you live in Indiana, contact Sen. Donnelly

If you missed last week’s screening of the GMO dramatic thriller film Consumed, directed by an area alum, Westport Staples High School graduate Darryl Wein, there will be another opportunity to see it later this month. On March 22, Fairfield Cinemas at Bullard Square will be showing the film Consumed. Reserve your ticket here, and see a trailer of the film here.

Take action to protect your hard-earned grocery dollars. Be in the know on GMO’s and GMO-labeling. With all the ingredients printed on the label, we can make the best decisions. The cost of not knowing what is in your food is too high.

As I like to say, Your Health is Your Wealth!

~Aimee, TFF


One thought on “Will labeling GMO’s increase food prices?

  1. While redesigning a product label does take some time (and time is money), this should not cause an increase in the cost of the product. Companies have to order new labels all the time as they use up their supplies. If planed for and handled well, adding GMO information on the label can be done with limited waste.

    My husband orders labels for a pharmaceutical company and right now their customers are adding QR barcodes to the labels. Adding the GMO information to food labels would be no different.

    In my opinion, QR codes are “fluff” while GMO information is not. If companies can add “fluff” to their labels at no additional cost, they can add important information that health conscious consumers want to know at no additional cost.

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