How to Lower Your Cost for Trash Removal: My Zero Waste Home Log February 2016

zero waste challenge

One bag of garbage and a pizza box from Pizza Bingo fundraiser at school.

In the big garbage bin in the garage, there is one kitchen size garbage bag and a pizza box. Our kitchen garbage is ¾ full. 

For 2016 so far, here are our garbage expenses:

02/13 – $ 6.00 for Garbage and Recycling

02/27 – $  00.00 for Recycling only


$ 6.00 for February Garbage and Recycling

12/31 – $   6.00 for Garbage and Recycling

01/14 – $ 20.00 for Transfer Station and Beach Access Sticker

01/16 – $   6.00 for Garbage and Recycling

01/30 – $  00.00 for Recycling only


$ 32.00 January Garbage and Recyling

$ 38.00 Total Cost for 2 months of Garbage and Recycling Disposal
I cannot emphasize enough how much of a difference planning our weekly meals makes. See below for my meal planning notebook for ideas to help you save.

How we do it:  click on each to see detailed blogpost

  1. CompostingZero Waste Inspiration
  2. RecyclingIt’s a habit worth forming!
  3. Buy in bulk – Eat like your great-grandmother, join a food co-op.
  4. Making 5 Zero Waste LunchboxesKeep the green by being green.
  5. Changing one thing at a time for a Zero Waste Bathroom – This takes time!
  6. Taking small steps toward a Zero Waste Kitchen – Replace one disposable at a time.
  7. Meal Planning (multiple posts by Marilyn and me), using only what you need to avoid throwing food away. Here are samples from my notebook:

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    Striving for Zero Waste, good for your wallet and the Earth! 

    Going for another $6.00 in March! Frugal and Sustainable Style!

    ~Aimee, TFF