A Free Life Success Toolkit: Where to Go for Free Help, Relief and Transformation

If you want to go beyond traditional talk therapy, take advantage of free events such as The Tapping World Summit. You'll have access to the best of the best in Emotional Freedom Technique therapy.
Sharing with you the value of free personal growth workshops: If you want to go beyond traditional talk therapy, take advantage of free events such as The Tapping World Summit. You’ll have access to the best of the best in Emotional Freedom Technique therapy.

In the spirit of frugal living, I want to share access to a free online personal development event that has seriously benefited me over the years, and I know it can benefit many of you who are seeking mental and emotional relief from stress—financial or otherwise. If you have heard of EFT, or, Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping, you can learn how to do it, the proven science behind why it works, and when it will help you by tuning into the free 8th Annual World Tapping Summit (you can see Dr. Wayne Dyer having a tapping session on this link) starting on Monday, February 22, 2016. Here’s another link, as well. No one is trying to sell you anything on this post, and absolutely no hard sells on the summit. This post and the summit is just to give you awareness and access as a gift from the heart. And no, TFF is not affiliated with the summit. I am just a huge believer in the power of tapping (even though it can look and feel weird when you are doing it, but you quickly get over that when you feel the relief).

EFT is a form of self-therapy that works with your nervous system. It’s perfectly safe and costs nothing to do. You don’t have to get health insurance to pay for anything. You don’t have to physically make an appointment to attend a session. You can learn from experts how do it yourself. I have learned it. I have tapped with friends and family and seen the difference it can make in someone’s life when they are in pain or confusion.

Did I mention it’s FREE?

The summit and the actual tapping exercise is FREE. But valuable as all heck. Here’s some info about it taken from the site itself:

What is the 2016 Tapping World Summit?

The 2016 Tapping World Summit is a 100% free 10 day, online audio event hosted by thetappingsolution.com where you’ll get access to the world’s leading EFT Tapping experts to help you transform in a variety of different areas in your life.  The experts will be covering topics such as growing your finances, losing weight, releasing pain, overcoming stress, anxiety and overwhelm and much more.  You’ll discover how to get at the root causes of your challenges and how to release them using a technique known as EFT Tapping.

Though tapping has been around for a few decades, one of the people who has made it more mainstream is Nick Ortner, a resident of Sandy Hook, CT. Yup, after the events in Sandy Hook, he took action and brought relief to many of the affected using tapping therapy. I’m not giving justice to what Nick and his family, including his sister, Jessica Ortner, have done to help so many in pain by using EFT. I have never met Nick, but am definitely in awe of his work. They have produced The Tapping Solution film, book(s) and summits–and they are all A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

If you are in emotional or physical pain or stress, I want to urge you to register for free and listen in on many of the online workshops to learn what EFT is all about and how it can help you in the privacy of your own home at zero cost. I have purchased a couple of books on tapping, and have attended workshops about tapping (again, I have no affiliation to anything mentioned in this post–I’m just a happy tapper).

My goal here is to begin sharing with you some of the MOST AMAZING and often FREE resources by people I’ve met or learned about, or studied, along the way in my quest to unburden my own anxieties about money and everything in between. (ps: I’ve already shared a teeny bit of this info on Two Frugal Fairfielders here, here and here.)

I hope to “see” you at the 8th Annual World Tapping Summit!!

~Marilyn, TFF