How to Lower Your Cost for Trash Removal: Frugal and Sustainable Style! My Zero Waste Home Log for January 2016

1 bag of garbage generated in two weeks.

I just checked the garbage can in the garage since I last went to the Fairfield Town Dump, which was two Saturday’s ago. There is only one kitchen-sized garbage bag in it. Woo-hoo! The garbage bag in the kitchen is not even half full. Woo-hoo, again! So, on this last Saturday of the month, I will only need to take our recyclables. Cost = free.

So, for the start of 2016, here are our garbage removal expenses:

12/31 – $   6.00 for Garbage and Recycling

01/14 – $ 20.00 for Transfer Station and Beach Access Sticker

01/16 – $   6.00 for Garbage and Recycling

01/30 – $  00.00 for Recycling only


TOTAL – $ 32.00 Garbage and Recyling Removal for the month of January

How we do it:  click on each to see detailed blogpost

  1. CompostingZero Waste Inspiration
  2. RecyclingIt’s a habit worth forming!
  3. Buy in bulk – Eat like your great-grandmother, join a food co-op.
  4. Making 5 Zero Waste LunchboxesKeep the green by being green.
  5. Changing one thing at a time for a Zero Waste Bathroom – This takes time!
  6. Taking small steps toward a Zero Waste Kitchen – Replace one disposable at a time.
  7. Meal Planning (multiple posts by Marilyn and me), using only what you need to avoid throwing food away. Here are samples from my notebook:

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Striving for Zero Waste, good for your wallet and the Earth! 

Going for a cost of $12.00 to rid of garbage and recycling for February. We shall see…

Frugally Sustainable,

~Aimee, TFF

6 thoughts on “How to Lower Your Cost for Trash Removal: Frugal and Sustainable Style! My Zero Waste Home Log for January 2016

  1. Thanks for the post!
    I am thinking about starting a trash pickup share group in Arvada Co. The idea would be that you can split the trash bill with your neighbors….even if you don’t know them or are an introvert, it would still work. Kind of like Uber, but for trash pick-up.

    You can check it out:


    1. Thanks for posting your comment and the link! What a novel idea! Best wishes for your new group. Let us know how it goes! ~Aimee, TFF

  2. It’s always great to hear how others are striving for Zero Waste. To have the cost of trash removal be based on its weight is quite an incentive to produce less waste. How progressive your town is! Thanks so much for sharing, Carol! ~Aimee, TFF

  3. This is exactly how I run my home, therefor reaping the benefit of a $10/month trash costs, including the $25/year sticker. I am charged by the pound. The less we generate, the less I am charged.

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