DIY Foaming Hand Soap: Frugal Fairfielder Edition

During week 2 of The UN Climate Conference in Paris, I chose to write about 7 Frugal and Sustainable ways to reduce waste to coincide with the last 7 full days of the conference: How to Build Habits of Recycling, Benefits of a reusable mug, How to Create a Zero Waste Closet, Zero Waste Lunch Box, Zero Waste Kitchen, Zero Waste Bathroom, and Incentives for Using Alternatives to Plastic Shopping Bags .

While I still have the goal of making my own toothpaste that everyone in my family will like, here is a DIY Bathroom Foaming Hand Soap recipe that moisturizes and smells great: 

Easy to mix!
  • 2T. of your favorite Pure Castile Soap (ours is Dr. Bronner’s brand lavender)
  • 16 oz. of water
  • reusable foam soap container (Reuse a foam soap container you already have or buy one at the Dollar Store and fill it with this recipe)

    16 oz. foam soap container

Here is the short list of 5 ingredients in Dr. Bronner’s lavender pure castile soap:  Water, Saponified Coconut-Hemp-Olive Oils (with retained Glycerin), Olive Fatty Acids, Lavandin & Lavender Oils, Rosemary Extract.

Where can you can find Pure Castile Soap?

  • Bed, Bath and Beyond – use your 20% coupon
  • CVS – it’s actually more expensive here than at Whole Foods Market, but you can use your CVS Rewards $, and it will be cheaper
  • Whole Foods Market – keep your eyes peeled for a coupon in their coupon booklets. They will also accept manufacturer’s coupons
  • and other online retailers
  • Food co-op – I still belong to a local organic food co-op. Email me at, if you are interested in joining.

Why is a short list of ingredients important?

This natural food store brand has way more ingredients, many that are unrecognizable, compared to those in the Pure Castile Soap.

Here’s a link to explain why the least number of ingredients in skin care products is desirable: Top Tips for Safer Products.

IMG_4891Safer for your skin, better for your wallet and for the environment = Frugal and Sustainable.

~Aimee, TFF