6th of 7 Ways to Zero Waste-Changing One Thing at a Time for a Zero Waste Bathroom: Frugal Fairfielder Edition

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Glaciers are melting, people!

When I see footage of glaciers melting and hear that farmers are worried about changing temperature patterns that affect their yields, I think, at best, climate change is real. At worst, I think it’s too late to do anything about it. “Game over, man…” 

We should just party like it’s 1999! 

veggies build strong bodies minds hearts
Zero Waste living helps farmers grow vegetables to make you tough.

But then, I remember that I have children! Three of them!  And I come back to reality, to this space, where I can share my journey of hopeful, living-simple-so-others-may-simply-live, a frugality that is sustainable for the next generation.

The UN Climate Conference in Paris is almost over. I’ve chosen to write about 7 ways to reduce waste to coincide with the last 7 full days of the conference: recycle, the habits of a reusable mug, create a Zero Waste Closet, Zero Waste Lunch Box, and Zero Waste Kitchen.

Way #6 Start the road to a Zero Waste Bathroom by changing one thing/practice at a time.

Click on links for resources for each; In order, I’ve replaced:

  1. disposable plastic toothbrushes with recyclable toothbrushes by Preserve (2006) .
  2. disposable menstrual pads and tampons with reusable cotton pads and the Diva Cup from lunapads.com (2011) Take advantage of coupons and free shipping whenever possible. Of course, you can make your own.

TMI: My friend V. introduced the concept of the Diva Cup to me. After I read a blogpost by a runner in the UK training and racing with one of these, I decided to go for it. Been using it, along with the reusable cotton pads ever since.

  1. disposable cotton rounds with organic cotton rounds from etsy.com (2015) (I got 25 at a great price at the beginning of the summer. Shop around)
  2. recyclable toothbrushes with compostable toothbrushes from Amazon.com. (2015). For years, Preserve provided postage-paid bags you could send your toothbrushes to get recycled. They no longer offer that. Whole Foods Market in town will take them for you. We bought compostable toothbrushes a couple of months ago and started off with a 4-pack but will be going to a 12-pack, eventually. 

It took me years to get to where I am now, and I am still learning and making new goals  aiming toward achieving a Zero Waste Home.

  • New learning: I’ve recently discovered that milled bar soap lasts a lot longer than packaged bar soap. I’m in the process of finding the right one(s) that will make everyone in the family happy.
  • New goal: make my own toothpaste.

Stay tuned for those posts, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

Striving for Zero Waste alongside with you,

~Aimee, TFF



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  1. Hi Elisa! Thanks for your positive feedback. Hope to hear from you again. Please feel free to share what works for you on the journey toward Zero Waste. Take care! ~Aimee, TFF

  2. Yes.. unfortunately the Global Warming is starting to look much more like an actual and fast developing event that is maybe impossible to stop or reverse. I agree that there are many ways to contribute to solving the problem by adopting the Zero Waste lifestyle and be more concerned and aware of the waste we produce. I try to reuse and recycle a big part of my waste. Thanks for the post! Greetings!

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