Pet Peeve from the Tightwad’s Notebook: Squeezable Mayo Containers

I took out my frustration on a squeezable mayo container and found extra mayo. Yippee!

Maybe if I had to do it all over again, I’d study package design. Most people I know are frustrated with trying to open packages of anything these days (have you tried opening a bar of cream cheese recently?). Take for instance the squeezable mayo container. I bought it thanks to a sale/coupon/whatever the deal was, and won’t buy squeezable mayo again. Knowing that there was still a lot of mayo inside the container that was not squeezable, out of frustration, I cut it open. I was able to scrape with zero effort a 1/3 of a cup of mayo out that I would have otherwise thrown away or washed away (since I have to wash containers before recycling). In other words, if 30 fluid ounces of mayo costs on average $3.99 (not on sale), 1/3 of a cup (which is 2.66 ounces) costs about .35 cents. So, don’t throw away .35 cents of mayo stuck in your squeezable mayo containers! Maybe .35 cents of mayo won’t change the world, but I can get a few more sandwiches out of it for the week’s lunches so I won’t have to take time to go to the store to get more so I can do something more valuable with my time like write posts on annoying packaging. It all adds up, I guess (mayo, gas, time). (Same goes for shampoos, etc., but diluting with water solves that problem. Can’t dilute mayo, or maybe you can with some milk. Ewwwww….?)

~Marilyn, TFF

5 thoughts on “Pet Peeve from the Tightwad’s Notebook: Squeezable Mayo Containers

    1. I am a new fan of Chef John!!! What a hilarious video, but genius, simple idea from the old days. Will definitely do this with the mayo jar that I have where I scraped the mayo from squeeze jar into (terrible grammar, but you know what I mean).
      Thanks, Melody!
      ~Marilyn, TFF

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