7 Ways To Zero Waste: Frugal Fairfielder Edition

Most of our garbage is incinerated in Connecticut

Climate Change is a controversial topic. At the time of this post, The UN Climate Conference talks have been underway in Paris.

Just in case climate change turns out to be a 100%-proven deal, how about being part of doing something to reverse its negative effects? The next generation will thank you for at least trying. What is doable? Reducing the amount of garbage you produce. In Connecticut, 60% of our garbage is burned in incinerators, which are purported to be safe, when in reality, they are hard to regulate. Waste is redistributed into the air and the ash, which ends up in landfills. Why not just make less garbage?

This family inspired me years ago to aim for a Zero Waste Home. Of course, there’s no such thing as zero waste, but there are at least umpteen ways to go for it for a healthier planet. To commemorate each of the last 7 days of the UN Climate Conference, I will offer up 7 ways to strive toward a Zero Waste Home in Fairfield.

Way #1  – Recycle.

As I said, most of our garbage ends up in an incinerator. What are the consequences of burning what otherwise might be recycled into a toothbrush or tuna can? The more plastic and aluminum that gets burned, the ickier the air you breathe, the more ash that ends up in area landfills that produce toxic gases. It is no wonder that so many suffer from asthma in our area.

Since 2011, recycling has never been easier in the Town of Fairfield. If you’ve read about my Zero Waste Home Inspiration post, you know that instead of having garbage service, we go to the town dump to get rid of waste.  It costs $5.50 to get rid of your garbage at the town dump.  Recycling is free. We actually take more fee-free trips to the town dump to bring our recycling there than our garbage. Frugal and sustainable.  I love it!

Penfield Beach, Fairfield, CT. I love walking out to the end of the jetty. Aiming for Zero Waste is one way to protect sacred places like this.

Follow this link to this handy one-page resource that you can print and hang on your refrigerator for easy reference. Recycling is easier than ever!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying recycling is easy. It can be a royal pain-in-the-patootie to have to rinse out three yogurt cups or that last jar of applesauce. Sometime you just want to just throw it away!

Remember: there is no such thing as “away.”

Recycling is a habit worth forming. Some experts say it takes 21 days to do anything by habit, but I like what this myth-buster has to say to help you to achieve something great.

Stay tuned for 6 more ways (frugal and sustainable, of course!) to strive toward making your Fairfield home a Zero Waste Home.

~Aimee, TFF