Eating Healthy on a Budget–See One Couponer’s Menu for Pennies a Day

TFF reader, Wendy, wanted to put together a true menu to show readers how eating healthy on a budget can be literally accomplished for pennies a day. She’s retired…so, yes, she is on a small budget. Note that yes, some of these sales and deals may take a little extra work to coordinate but you can find some form of these sales just about every week if you check out Coupon Mom or Living Rich With Coupons, for example. But once you see the calculations, it’ll amaze you how much healthy food you can eat for what seems like pennies a day. Enjoy, Marilyn, TFF

splash of V8
V8 is always on sale.

Here’s what Wendy has to say:

So many times I hear there are no coupons for healthy food and people who use coupons eat lots of junk, loaded with sugar, salt and preservatives and I suppose some do. However, I would like to dispel that myth and show how I eat a fairly balanced diet, certainly not perfect, but one with with protein, lots of fresh fruit and veggies and some whole grains for less than $2.00 a day.


One cup of Chock Full o’Nuts  coffee – $.01 (ShopRite sale 10.3 oz can $1.67, minus $1.50 coupon = $.17 per can = less than $.01 per serving)

8oz low sodium V8 – $.06 (Walgreens sale 64 oz. bottle V 8 $2.50,  minus 1,000 points [$1.00] minus $1.00 coupon =$.50 per bottle – $.06 per serving)

One Thomas’s English Muffin – free (ShopRite sale $1.00 six pack minus $1.00 coupon = free)

Two tablespoons Smart Balance spread – $.04 (ShopRite sale $2.50 for 15 oz. tub minus doubled $.75 coupon = $1.00 per tub = $.04 per two tablespoon serving)

Three strips Butterball low sodium Turkey bacon $.03 (ShopRite Butterball Turkey bacon $5.00 for three 16 slice packs divided by three = $1.67 per pack minus doubled $.75 coupon = $.03 per three slice serving)

Two Davidson’s Safest choice eggs – $.08 (ShopRite sale $1.99 dozen minus doubled $.75 coupon = $.49 per dozen =$.08 for two eggs)

Total cost for breakfast $.21

Mid morning snack:

One cup fresh Dole Pineapple – $.20 (Shoprite sale $2.99 [$1.99 with Super Coupon] minus doubled $.50 coupon = $.99 per Pineapple  =$.20 per one cup serving)

One glass Diet Peach Snapple – $.13 (Walgreens sale $3.00/2 64 oz. bottles minus $1.00/2 coupon = $$1.00 per bottle =$ .13 per eight oz. serving)

Cost of snack $.33


Tuna salad:

One can Bumble Bee low sodium tuna – free (ShopRite can-can sale $.99 a can minus doubled $.50 coupon = free)

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise – $.03 (approx.) (ShopRite sale 30 oz. jar $2.99 minus $1.00 ShopRite ecoupon minus $1.00 mfg. coupon =$.99 per jar = $.03 [approx.] per two tablespoon serving)

Green salad:

Lettuce – $.17 (ShopRite sale Fresh Express bagged greens $1.99 bag minus doubled $.75 coupon = $.49 a bag = $.17 per serving)

Radish – $.10 ($1.00 bunch $.10 one radish)

Cucumber – $.15 ($.66 per cuke = $.15 per serving approx.)

Tomato – $.20  ($.99 per pound with ShopRite Super Coupon minus Saving Star deposit 20% per lb. loose tomatoes = $.20 approx.)

Dressing – less than $.01 (ShopRite sale Wish Bone salad dressing $1.49  for 16 oz. bottle  minus doubled $.70 coupon = $.09 per bottle = less than $.01 per two tablespoon serving)

Two glasses fresh brewed decaf iced tea – $.03 (Stop & Shop Tetley tea bags $1.99 box 72 teabags minus doubled $.75 coupon = $.49 box = less than $.01 per bag = $.03 for four bags)

Fresh mint from my garden, free

Total cost for lunch $.68


Mid afternoon snack:

One cup Liberte yogurt – free (ShopRite sale $1.00 each minus mfg. coupon $1.00/3, minus Saving Star deposit $1.00/3  minus ShopRite $1.00/3 ecoupon = three free cups)

One glass Tetley decaf iced tea $.02  (see previous calculation)

Total cost for snack $.02


Chicken, free (Stop & Shop sale Perdue BOGO $4.99 lb. =$2.50 lb. minus two doubled $.75 coupons minus two $1.00 peelie coupon on each package =free)

Garden delight pasta sauce – free (ShopRite sale Garden Delight sauce $.99 minus doubled $.50 /1 coupon= free)

ShopRite sale Garden Delight pasta – free ($.99 minus $1,00 coupon = free)

1/2 oz. Kraft Parmesan cheese – $.09 C V S  sale two 8 oz. container $6.00 minus $2.00 E C B ‘s = $2.00 per eight oz. container = $.09 per serving)

One glass diet peach Snapple – $.13 per eight  oz. serving

Total cost for dinner $.22


Late eve. snack:

One cup fresh Driscoll’s strawberries $.17 (ShopRite sale strawberries $1.99 minus doubled $.75 coupon = $.49 = $.17 per serving)

One cup decaf iced tea – $.02

Total cost of snack $.19


Total cost of meals for the day $1.65


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