You Need a Budget — Testing Out the Program That Competes With Mint

I used to think of myself as a pretty good budgeter . . . but, I guess I’m not :–(

You Need a Budget
Try You Need a Budget–worth the small investment.

I still run into snags (ie: OMG, I have to switch money into checking to cover the mortgage!!) and worry every time I open my online account what I’m gonna see or not see.
No one is perfect. Not even a frugal lifestyle blogger! 

So, somewhere I ran into an article or mention about the program, You Need a Budget. I thought, yeah, right– S.T.U.P.I.D. Another gimmick. Just like the time I wanted to install Mint on my computer, but didn’t, because no way am I going to give out my banking info online (I know, I know, millions of people love Mint!). I decided to check into YNAB. Downloaded it (it’s not necessary to tap into my online accounts unless I want to import something, I believe) and am testing out the program now.

Okay. Ahem…

I. Love. It.

I never thought I’d say this about a budgeting program. After two days, I believe I will most likely buy the software license ($60).

So, why do I love it after two days? I agree 100% with its #1 philosophy: Give every dollar a job. That’s actually harder to do on paper than it looks and it’s tough to do that by just by checking online balances. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the concept of giving every dollar their marching orders. But, with this program, I DO!! I am a bit obsessed by YNAB right now (I’m in the honeymoon phase) where I can actually see when, how and where every buck is going. Wow. What a concept. What a program. Love the training videos, too.

Love at first sight.

I will check back in after a month. Though I can’t compare YNAB to Mint, I still wanted to give you a glowing heads up on this product. I decided against showing you actual shots of the budget set up page — it’s a bit overwhelming if you look at it–it’s only meaningful when you actually start playing around in the budget template and experience the numbers moving around.

If anyone has any experience with YNAB or Mint, drop us a comment, we’d love to hear how it works for you!

~Marilyn, TFF

(YNAB is not an affiliate, I’m just sharing what I think is an outstanding product.)


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