Attention Frugal Parents! Read this Daily Finance Post

Frugal Parents are Smart Parents!!

hamster cage
Much to my daughter’s credit, she took great care of keeping her hamster’s cage clean. I will admit I was doing the work the first couple of months she had the hamster, but soon I realized how wrong that was! She learned how to do everything herself. I was genuinely proud of her for taking on 100% of the responsibility once I stopped trying to take over her chore.

Take a look at this post from the Daily Finance site. Read through this short article called “Eight Things Smart Parents Shouldn’t Buy for Their Kids.”  And just a note to all parents ready to write TFF or Daily Finance some hate mail, there are excellent points backing up each point. (Now, #7 Live Pets? Well, I don’t fully agree with abstaining from them. We’ve had hamsters, cats, fish–having them taught my kids a great deal about empathy, compassion, grief, love, how to care for tiny and innocent living things, and more.)

~Marilyn, TFF



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  1. Kids having Animals are a great way for them to learn responsibilities and a great way for them to learn that taking care of an animal is hard as it is, Can they imagine taking care of their own kids, (Mite make them think twice.) 😉

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