Older Article (+ Newer Video) by Amy Dacyczyn, Tightwad Gazette

The bible of the frugal movement by Amy Dacyczyn.
The bible of the frugal movement by Amy Dacyczyn.

Just love this woman!

Amy Dacyczyn is my hero, my mentor, and here’s a link to an old piece she wrote in 1990 when she still ran her newsletter and published books. (You’ll find a 5-minute video if you scroll down, too.) 

TFF gets a lot of traffic from readers looking for any info on Amy Dacycyn they can find, so I’m always extremely happy to link to anything about her that comes my way.

Here’s an excerpt from an article that Amy wrote in 1990 for the Context Institute’s blog, Context.org. This decades-old website/blog’s mission is about sustainability (special thanks to Aimee for sending along the link).

Enjoy the excerpt, but be sure to read the entire article here.

“I made it my personal mission to create ways to reuse plastic milk jugs, bread tabs, brown paper bags, egg cartons and those frozen juice lids.

To fine tune our spending, I became a student of thrift. I routinely calculated such things as the cost of drying a load of laundry, or the cost savings in cloth diapers, or the cost difference of making food from scratch versus buying convenience foods.

When Oprah had a show featuring cheapskates, I didn’t laugh. I took notes.

Although I was the chief architect of our family economic plan, my husband became a willing convert. In addition he taught me the ways of scrounging and organized packratting. (A level beyond cheap is to get things for free.)

It worked.” — Excerpt from Context.org/Amy Dacyczyn/1990

To read the entire article by Amy Dacyczyn on Context.org, click here and enjoy her wisdom!

And…did I ever post this YouTube video from 2010-2011?? Enjoy this, too!

(5 min. video courtesy of You Tube and New Hampshire Public TV)

~Marilyn, TFF


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