5 Important & Quick Tips About Clipping Coupons

1. Cut, Don’t Rip Out Coupons

Store associates prefer clean cut coupons with clear expiration dates.
Store associates prefer clean cut coupons with clear expiration dates.

I know I’ve done this a million times — I’ve ripped out coupons and tore off the expiration date which rendered the coupon totally useless. 

2. Look in Store Sales Circulars

Most shoppers (so I hear from retailers…) don’t open up grocery store sales circulars where there are sometimes…coupons! Valuable ones! For example, at our ShopRite, we can find coupons for organic fruits/veggies and meats in the back of the circular (not always, but most of the time).

3. Don’t Toss Old Coupon Circulars

It’s the end of January, and I just found a valuable coupon for Krusteaz Pancake Mix in an October coupon circular–you just never know! Luckily I kept a few of those circulars, so I was able to get a good deal on mix for a few months (I put the boxes in the freezer so they wouldn’t go bad.)

4. Don’t Clip Every Coupon

That’s totally unnecessary. However…newbie couponers tend to do that (I know, I used to do it). Just cut the ones you know you will use, and the ones you think you may use. But if you see a coupon for a product you absolutely couldn’t care less about, don’t bother with it!

5. Printable Coupons May Have Better Savings

A recent printable shows you can double this to $1.40 for one box of cereal.
A recent printable shows you can double this to $1.40 for one box of cereal.

Newspaper circular coupons tend to require you to buy more than one product to get the deal (ie: save $1 on two boxes of XYZ Cereal); Printables from Coupons.com, for example, typically require you to buy one product to get the savings (ie: save $1 on one box of XYZ Cereal). Sometimes, it’s a much better deal, especially if you can double a printable coupon that’s under .99 cents!

Happy Shopping!



5 thoughts on “5 Important & Quick Tips About Clipping Coupons

  1. Another tip is that when I go shopping, the binder never fits the cart and its so hard to manage it, so I keep a small notebook and separate each type of coupons I know I’ll use in them.

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  3. The only reason to clip coupons you don’t need is if you have a “trading group” and you can use them as “trade bait”. Pet items and baby items are probably the most universal “trade bait” coupons. Otherwise, you’d have to know items your friends/family use to know what to clip for them. (I have a friend who likes a certain brand of coffee creamer, I save them for her, for example).

    1. Excellent point! I think that’s where most people who begin to clip coupons become frustrated. If they don’t have someone to trade with, it gets a little lonely. In my case, I get extra Red Plum coupons from my coupon partner! She gets extra SmartSource from me, so we are both happy with our savings. ~Marilyn

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