What’s Going On with Those Two Frugal Fairfielders? 10 Questions Answered

People I run into at the store or meet in workshops inevitably ask me, “So, what happened to Aimee? Are you still doing Two Frugal Fairfielders? Do you still use coupons? Where do you shop now?” 

Believe me, I’m more than humble, but figured I’d offer some answers in one post:

1. Where’s Aimee?

She’s enjoying a full-time teaching position.

TFF Facebook header.
TFF Facebook header.

2. Are you still doing Two Frugal Fairfielders?  

That’s a complex question. I started a Facebook fan page after Aimee left TFF which seems to have taken off with daily (or almost daily) participation. But sometimes, it is easier to post on WordPress. However, I moved TFF to Patch Fairfield, but it was buried under a zillion other blogs, so I am back to WordPress on a limited basis. But the Facebook page is very active. This is all voluntary and I work, and when I have time + a creative urge, then I write a new post. Maybe one day TFF will launch into a new and larger brand, but for right now, it’s one of my creative pursuits.

3. Do you still use coupons?

I still use this clipboard to hold coupons at the store.
I still use this clipboard to hold coupons at the store.


4. Where are the coupons that used to be at Fairfield Woods Branch Library?

Sigh….well, they were downstairs on a table for two years! But, no one took them so they went to waste even though both TFF and the library promoted the coupon corner. The coupons were on a table upstairs one time when there was construction downstairs, and people suddenly realized they were there. The coupons were gone in a heartbeat. But unfortunately, there is no room upstairs at the library to keep a table, sorry! However, I still deliver extra coupons to the Coupon Corner at the Stratford Public Library–and I typically let people know when I drop off by posting on the TFF Facebook page.

5. Do you still do coupon workshops?

Did you miss the January 2014 coupon workshop?

I just did one at the Fairfield Woods Branch Library on January 25th, 2014–it was packed! Totally fabulous audience, loads of info. Other things are in the works.

6. Do you still compost, go to the dump, do your own lawn and yard work?

Nope, yup, and yup. I just couldn’t get into composting. But I have a bunch of it in my backyard that I’m hoping one of my neighbors will take. I just don’t have that burning desire to start a vegetable garden at this point in my life, but I never say never!

7. Do you still get organic meat from a farm in Shelton?

No, unfortunately. I’m not sure what happened to the group. But I try to get organic beef when I can from Whole Foods when it’s on sale, and from ShopRite, which has a nice selection.

8. Do you still make your own household cleaners, cook from scratch and darn socks? 

I do when I can! but I’m not the biggest fan of that vinegar smell. If I run out of cleaner, I really just use a Windex-type of spray cleaner which to me is less toxic than other over-the-counter cleaners.

I make a home-cooked dinner 99% of the time. I make my own soups and hummus most of the time. Aimee was the bread baker; I never did learn to do that, but again, I never say never!

soup is finished
Homemade soup a weekly event at my house.

As far as sock darning — I do that when the holes aren’t gaping! So…yeah!

9. Do you still shop at Goodwill and other lower-priced stores for clothes?

Another complex question! Recently, I have realized that the clothing at the lower priced stores (Kohl’s and Old Navy for example) are just weird! Maybe they are for younger people, but to me, they have funny cuts, odd colors, and unearthly fabrics. But, I still get clothing for kids and sometimes for my husband at Kohl’s. For myself, well, I don’t have the need to buy all that much, but recently, I went back to one of my favorite stores, Lord & Taylor, and bought a stunning, elegant knit dress in charcoal gray on clearance. The quality and cut of the dress surpassed anything I could possibly find in my usual haunts, but the price was right. As many women know, it pays to pick through Lord & Taylor’s clearance racks. Oh…Goodwill? I still dip in to the more upscale Westport Goodwill to see if I can find any great deals on clothing, but haven’t found much there lately. But…it’s still on my go-to list.

10. Do you still use cash when you go grocery shopping? 

Ha-ha! No. I use my debit card (which is “cash” to me). However, I do still use monthly budget allocation sheets that I provide for readers on the Budget Toolbox page, so I know where our money is going and how much we spend on food, etc., etc., etc.

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to write in!

~Marilyn, TFF


5 thoughts on “What’s Going On with Those Two Frugal Fairfielders? 10 Questions Answered

  1. Missed you! Nice to hear about you again. As for Goodwill, I’ve switched to consignment shopping instead. With everyone going to Goodwill, it was bound to die out.

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you!
      Any good consignment shops in CT anymore?
      I won’t totally abandon Goodwill, but to do it right, I have to have a lot of time to go through racks and I just don’t seem to have the time right now. Oh well :–(
      But I do love my new dress from L&T, lol!

      1. My daughters bought me a bottle of Chanel No.5 from Lord & Taylor in NYC for Christmas. It was a treat just to walk through the store!!!!! Enjoy your new dress.

  2. What’s the best Sunday paper for inserts? We get the CT Post, but the inserts are super thin and don’t include all of the coupons.

    1. Hi Ann,
      I get the CT Post, too, but the inserts are similar all over CT. My friend in Stamford gets four different CT newspapers and the inserts are just about the same in each one. Higher value coupons can be found in other states, so it seems. But if anyone has a different POV, hopefully they will share here.

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