A NEW & Unusual Money Quote That Will Get You Thinking…


diamond in eggOne of my goals with Two Frugal Fairfielders is to help people who constantly feel they have a lack of money instead feel like they have the tools to feel like they have more than enough!  My goal is not to encourage using  coupons and other frugal living tactics out of desperation. My goal is to encourage us to use frugality as a way of living a more lovely, simple and fulfilled life. I believe that was the underlying message that Amy Dacyczyn imparted to Tightwad Gazette readers all those years. (And, it’s the same message that author Jennifer Scott is offering in her fabulous book, Lessons from Madame Chic that I wrote about here.) After all–if we are constantly chasing the newest investment, car, house, piece of jewelry, clothing, gadget, or living with a mentality of lack, how are we ever going to feel fulfilled?

With that said, I want to share a new money quote from one of my favorite prosperity authors, Marilyn Jenett of FeelFreetoProsper.com. She is not your typical money author, as some of you may know from following this blog. She has a more spiritual point of view about money and I love reading her work.

Here is a quote from one of her articles called Prosperity Consciousness or Bargain Consciousness? Of course if you are intrigued, read the entire article here.

“The spontaneous manifesting of savings – the real bargains – come when we accept prosperity as natural to us and we know that the Universe is providing for all our needs.” ~Marilyn Jenett

Whether we are religious, spiritual, or none of the above, it doesn’t matter. Marilyn is saying that when we adopt a prosperous way of thinking instead of a “never enough” way of thinking, we’ll see that we have plenty thanks to what’s provided to us by the Universe, God, or whatever you like to call the power that is greater than us.

Think of it this way: don’t we always feel like we have “plenty” when we find a great bargain on eggs, for example? If we paid way too much for our groceries, wouldn’t we feel like we never have enough to fill our fridges? Call me crazy, but in our house, living frugally means always having more than enough (even with two teens that eat the entire contents of a fridge in one day!).

Is it always so easy to feel “plenty” versus “lack”? Hmmm, not always!! That’s why there are great teachers out there like Marilyn Jenett!


~Marilyn, TFF